Sunday, June 19, 2016

A fun & interesting day at Canada's Wonderland

When I was growing up in my teens I would often join my friends at a local amusement park known as Canada's Wonderland. I have many great memories of hanging out with my friends riding roller coasters and various other rides. But that was over 20 years ago now. Recently though my wife and I ventured out to Canada's Wonderland with another couple, a place we both hadn't been to in about 10 years. To be completely honest I really was't that enthusiastic about spending the day there, but sometimes you sacrifice for the ones you love. Now the one reason I was a little apprehensive about going, was due to all the physical challenges I faced the last time we went to Canada's Wonderland. But I kept a positive attitude about thing's, and went with the goal of having a good time and even planned to go on a few rides.

Thankfully our day didn't start that early in the morning and I was happy that I didn't have to drive. We arrived at Canada's Wonderland around 12 PM and after paying $20 for parking we found an accessible parking space and made our way into the park. It is a pretty impressive place and when you first arrive inside you are greeted with a massive water fountain that leads to wonder mountain. We were all happy that it was a beautiful warm day and I was thankful for the cool breeze. Our first stop of the day was the roller coaster known as Dragon Fire a ride I decided to skip out on. Up next was a very intimidating roller coaster named Leviathan, a high speed coaster known for being a major thrill ride that I also decided to skip. While I was waiting though I did noticed that this ride offers an elevator/lift for riders with disabilities. Now as far as accessibility is concerned they do a pretty good job allowing those with disabilities who can't climb the stairs to access the rides. In some cases you simply go up the exit ramp and the ride attendant will assist you in getting on the ride. A great system that I actually took advantage of on this day when I went on an old wooden roller coaster known as the Wild Beast. I am sure those who ride a lot of roller coasters would agree that the old wooden roller coasters sure give you an exciting high speed ride. It was a lot of fun and when the ride came to an end I sure did face major difficulties getting back out. But I am happy to say that even though it was a real struggle I did survived.

After this I did skip out on a few more rides, that is until everyone convinced me to go on a high speed coaster known as the Vortex. So I went up the accessible exit ramp and waited till my wife got to the front on the line so I could meet her. It was a really difficult ride to get on to but I was looking forward to the ride. Now it did start off very slowly then when it rounded the corner it picked up speed at a high rate which took me by surprise, next thing I know I am being tossed around like a rag doll with my head flopping side to side. I found myself just wanting the ride to be over, but the next 15 seconds of the ride seemed to take forever. I was very thankful the second the ride came to a stop. It actually felt like I had just taken a physical beating. Then when it came time to get out I struggled like I had never before. I could barley stand on my feet as one of my legs almost gave out. I even ended up having trouble walking for the next minute or two after the ride. This was a major wake up call for me, in this moment I realized that at this point in my life I can no longer handle the stresses these types of rides place on my body. So my advice for anyone with a disability or any medical condition considering going to a local amusement park is to fully think it through. After all their are actually signs posted outside of each ride prohibiting those with certain medical conditions from riding. On this day I would have to say I learned my lesson and I now know that high speed rides at amusement parks are not a good idea for me.


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  1. That is the one and only roller coaster I have been on. NEVER AGAIN. I really thought I was going to die. I bet that was a scary feeling trying to get off the ride and having problems.
    One time I took Dylan we actually got him on the Water Log ride but Ken had to drive the chair all the way back through the line to the other side for when Dylan had to get off the ride which we held up a bit. But he loved it.