Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inaccessibility A major barrier for those with disabilities

Even a few steps can be a major barrier to those with disabilities
Sadly even today inaccessibility is still a major problem in so many communities, especially mine. You see the other night my wife and I decided to ordered pizza, now to save a bit of money we decided we would pick it up ourselves. We do this as it helps us to avoid having to pay the extra cost for delivery. On many occasions I go out on my own to pick up our order with no problem. Well on this night I am so thankful that my wife came along for the ride, because when we arrived I was greeted with more than a few steps to climb. Something that I am finding much harder to do with out risking one of my legs giving out causing me to fall. I am sure it doesn't surprise you that inaccessibility is an issue that many of us deal with on a daily basis. Thankfully on this occasion my wife with me and was able to walk up those steps to pick up our order. Sometimes I really wish that pizza stores didn't charge for delivery, well at least for customers with disabilities. Now the best part of the story is the fact that the pizza we ordered was simply amazing. Since pizza is my favorite food we won't hesitate to order from Free Topping Pizza again. Now I did hear they are opening another location which I am sure will be fully accessible. I just hope that one day hopefully soon that they make their downtown location fully accessible. As it won't only benefit those of us still walking who face physical limitations but wheelchair users as well.

So today I would like to challenge every company who can - to go out of their way to make everyone of their business locations fully accessible. As this is a much better plan than sitting back and doing nothing. Plus in the end these businesses win as those of us with disabilities have money to spend as well.

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