Monday, August 3, 2015

Opinion: Why can't we just agree to disagree and move on?

When it comes to life many of us have a certain set of beliefs, a way of doing things that works for us. It truly comes as no surprise that there are many different ways of thinking and not everyone will agree. It doesn't matter who you are the facts are we all live our lives by a certain set standard that works for us. Growing up as a Christian I fully understand that not every one agrees with each others way of life. I was always taught to care for others, so if some one believes differently from me I still treat them with respect. After all many of us live and work with people who may not share the same beliefs or values and we still get along with them just fine. They don't push their way of life on us and we simply agree to disagree and move on. At least that's the way things used to be.

These days sites like Facebook and Twitter are now used as a political tool's where people push their way of thinking on others. People are now all too quick to start insulting and attacking each other simply because they don't agree on a certain subject. Every one is so eager to try and prove their point but most times in the end after all that is said they still don't agree. I view this as a major waste of time. This means the entire effort they both spent arguing their points with each other was all for nothing - as in the end they still disagree. Thinking about it life would be so much easier if people just let others believe what they wanted to even if they disagree with their way of thinking. Does it really matter whose right? After all we could be doing so much more with our time then engaging in social media wars. Why can't we just agree to disagree and move on? As in life not everyone will always share the same point of view and that's ok!

You see when I worked for OnStar they told us that their were two subjects you never wanted to discuss with the customer. These two subjects were politics and religion as both can lead to long conversations that go no where. This was done to keep call times down so we could quickly move on to the next call. This was a great piece of advice that some people on social media should start to follow as well. It seems that these days all too often some people get too worked up over things and are always ready in attack mode whenever someone posts something they disagree with. I guess some people need to clue into the fact that no matter how hard they try not everyone will share their same point of view. It's like a vegetarian trying to convince a meat eater that their way of eating is wrong, sure some people may be willing to try this way of eating for a while but 99% of people will simply return to their old way of eating. You see we live in a world where change doesn't happen very often, so just because you push your way of thinking on others doesn't mean their point of view will ever change. Thankfully we live in a world where we are all given the freedom to believe in whatever we like. The truth is not everyone will ever agree and that is ok as well.

I believe that we should all feel very fortunate to live in a part of the world where we have the freedom to believe in whatever we like. Now if a day comes when this freedom is limited or even taken away that will be a sad day for everyone. In this day and time many of us need to simply agree to disagree and move on with our lives. After all foolish and stupid arguments are just a waste of time, because we all know from experience that they can lead to disagreements and in some situations fights. So then next time you see a social media posting you don't agree with take a deep breath and consider moving on. In the end it's much better to agree to disagree as it might just result in you living a happier life. 

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