Monday, June 1, 2015

Tips for those Still walking & living with Muscular Dystrophy

When it comes to living with Muscular Dystrophy and those of us who are still able to walk, the type of shoes we wear play a vital role in our ability to continue walking. As you may already know walking can be a bit of challenge and the shoes we wear need to give us the proper support we need. What I have learned over the years is that the lighter the shoe the better, as this will go a long way in reducing the physical effort it takes for us just to walk. Sure walking might still be a challenge but it definitely helps. 

It was just the other day while I was walking around at a local race track (during a race a few Laps 4 MD drivers were participating in) that I started to wonder why I felt so tired, so I decided to take a look at my shoes. It was at this point that I noticed that they were pretty worn out. It appears as if I drag my feet so part of the soles were worn away. I guess since they were no longer offering me the support I need they ended up making walking a lot more challenging resulting in muscle fatigue. I guess a part of the problem for those of us still walking is the rate at which we wear out our shoes. I am sure like me many people can't help but drag their feet when walking. This usually results in me having to replace my shoes every two years, when I probably should once a year. 

Sure one day we may eventually lose the ability to walk but while we still can there are a few things we can do. So my advice for those still walking is the next time you are finding it a bit more challenging to walk than usual start by checking out the condition of your shoes. In the end if you are still walking always do your best find the shoes that work best for you. Look for something light weight that gives you all the support you need.

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