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Dealing with Anxiety & Living with Muscular Dystrophy Part 1

When it comes to living with a disability I am sure we can all agree that everyone story is different. There are some who say when diagnosed with a disability that we are supposed to just accept it, adapt and move on. But for some that is easier said than done. I have always been a firm believer that there is nothing wrong having difficulty coming to terms with any type of diagnosis. I guess when it comes to being diagnosed with any life altering condition how you deal with it depends on when you were given your diagnosis. It can also depend on the stage of progression and sure some might handle it a lot better than others. But for those who find it challenging you need to know that is ok as well. After all facing challenges at times can actually result in making us stronger emotionally. In life we all learn from our experiences good or bad and thankfully sometimes what we go through can be used to help others.

  When it comes to living with Muscular Dystrophy the main reason I share my story is not to bring attention to myself but to help others going through a similar situation. After years of sharing my story I fully understand that when some people face a diagnosis of any condition some might get angry, while others are able to accept it and go on living life. Both reactions are completely normal. In my situation of being diagnosed with Becker Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 10 years old I was able to accept it just fine. I believe it simply because I was still a child. I wasn't old enough to fully understand what my diagnosis really meant. One thing that might have really helped is the fact that it was still the 80's and the internet wasn't something we had access to. So I wasn't able to look things up, I honestly believe that may have gone a long way in helped me accept my diagnosis. Looking back now at that time I was more focused on riding my bike and playing with friends. But now we live in a world where if we want to look something up within a few seconds we are able to learn everything we want to know about any given subject. This isn't always a good thing. At times I truly believe that sometimes there are benefits to not knowing that much information. Sometimes knowing too much can end up taking the joy out of life leaving you overly concerned and worried all the time - this is never a good thing. To be completely honest it wasn't until a few years ago when work related injury was blamed on my condition that I started looking into what it means to live with Muscular Dystrophy. I was 34 years old and at that time all I really knew was that it affected my muscles making me much weaker than others my age. To be completely honest after being diagnoses at age 10 I went on living my life, sure I knew I had certain limitations but never really focused on them. This means I went through my child hood not being overly concerned about my future and living with Muscular Dystrophy.

It was back in 2009 when I first started looking into my diagnosis and what it might mean for my future. It was around this same time since I was no longer working that I started sharing my story on the My Becker's Story blog. At that time I was truly all alone when it came to living with Muscular Dystrophy. I didn't know anyone else in my area or country who was also living with Muscular Dystrophy - especially the Becker's type. My first contact with some one else living with BMD was after someone who also had it left a comment on my blog. Shortly after this I joined Facebook then created the My Becker's Story Facebook page when I started meeting others who were affected as well. So from that day on my life truly changed. It was at this point when talking to others helped to make me aware of some of the issues I may one day face. At first it was great but to be honest eventually all the information I was reading started to concern me. Now not too much but it eventually lead to me speaking with my family doctor and it was at that time I started have yearly heart check up. This helped to ease my mind especially since every time I went for my appointments the result always came back as completely normal. So again this really helped to set my mind at ease since there were no issues. Things were going so well my cardiologist said to me that since he hadn't seen any changes over the last 4 years that he didn't believe that he needed to see me once a year anymore. To most people that would be great news but being able to have my heart checked every year was something I had grown used to. At first everything was fine but after reading a few stories on a few BMD related Facebook pages about heart related issues I became overly concerned. So a year passed by since my last check up and to me I started to think that I was over due for my annual heart check up. This is when I started to worry and get anxious about it being over a year since my last check up. Again the mistake I was making at that time was reading other peoples stories on Facebook thinking the same heart issues they were facing would happened to me. This is when I started to face issues with anxiety simple because I started allowing other people situations to influence my thoughts.

To be continued

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