Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A strange way for me to gain respect from a Bully

As a child, there were times when I would fight back against those who would bully me. On one occasion the end result was pretty surprising. At the time, I was in elementary school and when we returning from recess another student was bullying me, so badly that I ended up punched him in the face. Thankfully as a result of my physical limitations at the time the punch came across as very weak so it didn't end up hurting him. He just looked at me in shock with an expression as if I barely even touched him. Luckily, he didn't punch me back. Even better there were no teachers in the hallway to see what had happened or I would have been suspended. We all went back to our separate classes but I knew as the end of the day approached that the walk home might be problem. Reason being we both walked the same way home. So, when the bell rang at the end of the day and I started my walk home it was no surprised when he tried to pick a fight with me. Thankfully he was quickly interrupted when a man who knew me from church was driving by and stopped to make sure everything was okay. It was at that point when the other kid who was trying to fight me decided it was a better idea to just leave me alone.  

Thankfully all of this occurred with just a few days remaining in the school year. So, we never crossed paths again, that is until the next year when we both entered our first year of high school. With in days of the new school year we bumped into each other and to my surprise he was friendly enough to say hello. As if nothing ever happened, now I don't know if I somehow earned his respect for standing up for myself in elementary school but over the summer break he changed - which ended up being a good thing for me. Now we didn't become best friends or anything but we never had any issues ever again. In the end looking back it still wasn't a good idea for me to punch him in the face. Even after this experience I would never recommend punching anyone in the face, even if it is a bully as in many situations especially today that would only end up making things much worse. In my situation, I am just lucky he matured over the summer break.

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