Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shouldn't we always treat other's how we want to be treated?

When it comes to treating other's how we want to be treated at time's it can be quite difficult. With all that happens these days on social media it's not uncommon to run into those who simply have a bad attitude. Throughout the years of sharing my story, I have met other people online who appear to simply be mad at the world. I have even met others with disabilities who are not the nicest people, a friend once told me that everyone has the ability to be a jerk, even those of us with disabilities. It reminds me of a time in my teens meeting a young man who was mad at the world because he had a disability. At the time, I couldn't understand why. But over the years I have learned that everyone is at a different stage in life and I can admit to at times being mad at the fact that I had Becker's Muscular Dystrophy. This was when I was in my twenties and looking ahead at all the challenges that I may face one day. At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed with the fact that my muscles will continually grow weaker taking away my ability to do things many people take for granted - like climbing stairs. So, I can fully understand some people's frustrations and why they might not feel like being so friendly all the time.

In life, I truly believe that no matter what we are going through we must still strive to treat each other with respect - this is when treating others how we want to be treated comes into play. Now I know the whole idea of treated others how you want to be treated might be a thing of the past but with the way things are in the world today, let’s hope more people consider treating each other better. Even in times when someone may have upset you or done you wrong.

Unfortunately, Sometimes I do fall short

Now I can admit I haven’t always been that good at following my own advice. At times, I have been guilty of not treating others with respect by not thinking things through - especially in times when I might be upset. I can also admit I am far from perfect and in the past, have offended others - something many of us have been guilty of doing at times. So, from now on I will start thinking things through and continue doing my best to stay focused on treating other’s how I want to be treated even if they don't show me the same respect! 

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