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Brads Auto Reviews: A look at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
This past weekend here in Canada we celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend and my wife and I attended Speedfest at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, a place I hadn’t been to since the early 90’s. Over the last few years they have made some major improvements to the track including building an all-new event centre. It is amazing to me how much things have changed at a track I grew up going to with my dad as a child. Some of my best memories revolve around attending races at this track which used to be known as Mosport Park. I was truly amazed by all the improvements. The first thing you notice when you arrive at the track is the all-new tunnel leading into the infield - it really helps to give you a feeling like you are going to be a part of something special. As you drive through the infield the first thing you see is the paddock area which is filled with race cars sitting just outside of their haulers this also really helps to build the excitement. After this it is time to find a parking spot and with it being the Victoria Day long weekend my wife and I made the right decision to arrive early. Thankfully I was able to find a close parking spot just outside the Canadian Tire Fan Zone which includes a set of bleachers and even a tented area where you can sit back and relax in the shade and even better they were giving away free food and water. It was a really nice set up and I enjoyed the view of the track. There are many great places to view the track from at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park but with my inability to climb a few of the hills at the track it simply wasn’t possible. But I made the decision that I wasn't going to allow this to keep me from having a good time.
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - Paddock Area
Thankfully the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park has a shuttle service which consists of a few stretched golf carts. Since the Fan Zone is so far away from the paddock area where you can see all the cars I was very happy I could take advantage of the shuttle to make my way down to this area. The paddock is a very busy place filled with race fans, cars and the drivers. This area provides you with many great opportunities to get up close to the car and even a few drivers. When I arrived in the paddock area the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series drivers were having an autograph session and I had the opportunity to say hello to Kerry Micks who is the driver of the #02 Beyond Digital race car. I have actually been a fan since the early 90’s when my father who worked for Midas at the time put together a deal to sponsor his race car in what was formally known as the CASCAR series. I was lucky enough to join my father on many occasions to watch Kerry Micks race and was even there when he won the CASCAR Super Series National Championship - so you can understand why I still follow his career today. Like I said before many of my greatest memories revolve around racing. Many which have to do with growing up attending many races at what is now known as Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. With the issues I face with living with Muscular Dystrophy the thing I was most thankful for what the shuttle service provided by Canadian Tire which helped me access parts of the track that I wouldn’t have been able to get to by walking. Best of all I was able to take some amazing pictures and get up close with all the action.
Nascar Canadian Tire Series Pace Car
 Eventually I left the paddock area and returned to the Canadian Tire Fan Zone but to be honest I would have much rather sat somewhere near the front straight as everyone knows that is the one place you want to be when the race finishes. Here you will now find the all-new event centre which takes up a large part of the front straight, which now makes the event centre the best place to watch the race from. It sure would be a great set up for people with disabilities who want to watch the race as the event centre is the most accessible part of the track. In this area you will even find a paved parking lot which would be a real plus for people living with disabilities who might require accessible parking. To be honest I believe accessibility will improve for those with disabilities who wish to take in a race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. With all the improvements made at the track recently I am sure it is the next thing on their list of improvements. I am hopeful that they will add an area reserved strictly for race fans with disabilities. The best plan for any race track would be to include accessible parking spaces in an area that over-looks the track where those of us with disabilities can sit and watch the race from. I truly believe that this would be the best way to accommodate for race fans with disabilities. With all the improvements that have taken place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park over the last few years it really has become a great place for race fans. In the end I had a really great time at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park over the weekend. My only regret was that fact that no race car drivers or teams were supporting the Laps for MD Campaign - but hopefully one day in the future some one will choose to support it.

A few pictures from Speedfest at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park:

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