Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Joys & Challenges the Christmas Season Brings

When it comes to the Holiday Season there are many joys that come along with celebrating Christmas with family & friends. As we enter the month of December the sounds of Christmas songs now play on many radio stations. As we all know this is the time of year most kids really look forward to, after all at Christmas the focus tends to be on the children. As a child for me Christmas was the most amazing season and yes the focus was on all the presents I was going to receive. Then as we grow up we imagine being parents and watching our own children experience the joys of this season. I am sure every parent out there enjoys seeing their children's faces on Christmas morning. I do hope that every parent out here knows how truly lucky you are. After all for some of us we could only dream of being so lucky. This is when we get into why for some this joyous season can also be a difficult time of the year. 

When it comes to growing up in life we quickly learn that things really never go as planned. In learned this back in 2009 when my wife and I were about to welcome our first baby girl into the world. We had just celebrated a great Christmas, then just a week later as we entered the new year found ourselves in the hospital surrounded by nurses desperately searching for our babies heartbeat. Next thing you know we are dealing with the devastating news that we had lost our baby girl, just a few weeks before the delivery date. That was the first of two still births as a year later we found ourselves in the same month in the exact same situation. These were two devastating blows two years in a row right after Christmas, so I am sure you can understand why for me and my wife this is such a difficult time of year. Even after six years what we faced brings about many tears as we have yet to have a child of our own. That is why I do hope that any parent reading this right now knows how lucky they are. Now over the last few years I have done my best to accept the challenges of life but this is a hard one to overcome. I really feel for my wife as I wish there was something I could do for her, as Christmas brings back a lot of memories of what we have both lost.

Still we do our best to enjoy this time of year, but trying to pretend everything is fine is getting a lot more difficult as the years go by. This year also feels a lot different as we simply lack any motivation to decorate or even put up a Christmas tree. In all honesty maybe I should even be sharing this as it might embarrass my wife. But I know there may be others out there who are facing the same difficulty in dealing with the holiday season, especially those who have faced a similar loss. My only motivation behind writing this blog post to show others facing the same challenges that they are not alone.

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