Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Accessible Parking: An epidemic of stupidity?

Accessible Parking Fail - Parked between two Accessible Parking Spaces
There is currently an epidemic of idiots who are abusing their right to use accessible parking. If you visit any parking lot across any city you will see what we label as jerks using accessible parking incorrectly. The sure sign of someone who is inconsiderate to the needs of other's is those who make the idiot move of parking between two accessible parking spaces. What they end up doing is making each spot on either side unusable. This is when the word jerk comes into mind. After all many of us already know that the area between two accessible parking spaces were created to give those with limited mobility a safe place to access their vehicles. Many refer to this as the cross hatching area between accessible parking spaces. I like to refer to this a the no go zone as the cross hatching is meant to signify that you are not allowed to park there.
Vehicle Parked Between two Accessible Parking Spaces at local Wal-Mart
 When ever someone parks between two accessible parking spaces they end up removing people's ability to access their vehicles in a safe manor. After all what do you think accessible parking permits were created for? It really shouldn't come as a surprise that these spaces are not just about getting a closer parking space. Even worse think about the affect parking over the cross hatching has on those who use wheelchairs. What you are doing is removing the one place that is very useful for those of us who require that extra room. You also have to think about people who drive fully accessible vehicles, they need this area simply to put their ramps down. It is complete stupidity to block anyone's access to their own vehicles. So please THINK and if you are in the habit of parking in this way it needs to STOP! As the police can ticket anyone even permit holders for using these spaces incorrectly. 

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