Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Becker's Story in New York City

Last weekend my wife and I went on a road trip to New York City. My wife has family that lives in the area so we stayed with them during the duration of our stay. To be honest this was a trip I never wanted to take as I was more than a little intimidated by the long drive ahead of us. So much so that I had my wife drive pretty much the entire trip. I drove for a short while but felt more comfortable and relaxed in the passenger seat. It sure was a long drive and actually at one point during our journey a car flew passed us and I noticed that their rear tire was shaking quite a bit. So I made my wife aware of this and suggested we slow down and let them get further ahead of us just in case. Less than 2 minutes later their rear tire blows out, thankfully we kept our distance and best of all they were able to safely pull their car to the side of the road. All that was left were pieces of their blown out tire spread all over the highway. This helped to add a little excitement to our road trip. Part of our journey included us driving on NY Route 17 which many refer to as the scenic route and we would have to agree. As this route runs along side the East Branch Delaware River which happens to be a very popular destination for fly fishing. This was proven by the many fishermen I saw knee deep in the water fly fishing. Something that was pretty cool to see. A bit later at one point in our journey we saw smoke rising behind some trees off in the distance and as we took the next curve in the highway we saw and old 1960's rear engine Volkswagen Karmann Ghia cabriolet fully engulfed in flames. Thankfully it looked like everyone was ok but it is always a shame to see classic cars go up in flames.
My view from the passenger seat on the way to New York City
Eventually we made our way closer into New York City, as we merged onto the I-87 where we were surprised at the speeds people drive at. Everyone seemed to be driving at least 20-30 MPH over the posted speed limit. At one point we were even passed by a Pepsi delivery truck which went by so fast it felt like we were sitting still. It didn't take that long and after a short while off in the distance we saw that we were approaching the Tappan Zee Bridge. We were both in awe by it's size especially the large sized beams that make up this bridge. After we crossed we had to pay our $5 toll and we were on our way. Now if you have ever visited New York you know its a city that loves charging you tolls for driving on their highways and bridges. After paying our toll a little further down the highway a black Dodge Charger passed us and he was weaving in and out of traffic at excessive speeds. He was driving like he stole it and we thought for sure we were gonna see him put his car in the wall at one point. Thankfully before that happened we had to exit the highway. All I have to say is I was very happy when we arrived at my wife's aunt and uncle's place that Saturday evening. There was no doubt we were now in the big city which involved us parking our car on the street. If there's one thing I hate it's parallel parking. Thankfully the spaces we found didn't involve this type of parking. As we only went out once during our stay it wasn't a problem at all. Though we did have to move our car a couple times for the street sweepers. It was a actually an interesting stay. To be honest I am not one who really enjoys the big city as I would much rather be somewhere with wide open spaces with green grass and trees. I guess you can say I've gone country. Now I have to admit that I did enjoy my time there as it was a great opportunity to take a break and relax. Best of all there we no worries about having to wash dishes or prepare a meal. It was also a really great time spent with my wife side of the family.

As far as any physical challenges when we arrived I did face a few. As many of you already know when it comes to living with Muscular Dystrophy it can be very difficult for us to climb stairs. That is why I tend to refer to them as my worst enemy. Now I can get up a few steps if there is a railing but since my wife's aunt and uncle live on the second floor it meant I had to climb a good amount of stairs. Unfortunately their stair case was pretty steep with about 20 steps to climb. So I had no other choice but to go up the stairs sitting on my rear end working my way up step by step. I had to do the same thing when going down as I didn't want to risk a fall if one of my legs gave out on me. At this point in my progression with MD stairs are becoming near impossible to climb. But thankfully this was the only challenge I faced while visiting New York. As with every trip in no time it was Wednesday morning which meant it was time for us to head back home. We spent a total of 5 days in New York. Now ahead of us was an 8 hours drive home and since my wife didn't get a good nights sleep she asked me to drive. The plan was for me to drive for a short while or until I became tired. As we started our journey we could see that the state troopers were out in full force. We actually saw 7 different drivers pulled over including a few that had passed us earlier in our drive, one guy even got pulled over twice. I was amazed with the amount of state troopers we saw during our journey. I guess if anything happened at least it meant we were safe. What I was most thankful for was the clear skies which made our drive so easy. Maybe this is what resulted in me being able to drive the entire 8 hours it took us to get home. Now we did make a few stops along the way which I am sure really helped. All I can say is that when we arrived home it felt great to be back plus my wife had the rest of the week off so we just took it easy. Then on Friday we took the fun bus to Niagara Falls for the day enjoying an amazing buffet at Fallsview Casino followed by an entertaining show called Spirit of the Dance. It was a long week but we both had a lot of fun.

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