Monday, May 4, 2015

The most important appliance for those with disabilities

One often over looked appliance that can really make a major difference for someone living with a physical disability is a dishwasher. Living with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy I know first hand how beneficial they can be. Unfortunately about 2 years ago our small portable dishwasher broke and due to its age couldn't be fixed. Ever since I have been washing dishes by hand which due to the physical strain it puts on my muscles this simple task leaves my arms in a lot of pain. The fact is that when living with Muscular Dystrophy if we over use our muscles we can end up damaging them. The main thing this ends up doing is causing our muscles to waste away at a quicker pace. With all the pain I was feeling in my arms I knew it was time to get another dishwasher.

     When it comes to any purchase budget determines what you can afford, so my wife an I decided to buy a Danby brand portable dishwasher. A bargain brand appliance but we saved $200 compared to purchasing a quality brand appliance. Shockingly, only 3 months later I noticed a huge puddle of water coming from underneath our dishwasher. I guess it is true when they say you get what you pay for, it was at this point we simply decided to return it and get our money back. Unfortunately, due to high costs involved with purchasing a quality dishwasher we made the decision to go back to washing dishes by hand. Thankfully this didn't last long as about 6 months later my mom was able to purchase a high quality dishwasher from the local auction for only $75. Best of all it was almost like brand new. It really didn't take that long for me to reap the benefits of having a dishwasher again. Almost immediately the pains in my hands and arms went away. All I can say is I really appreciate how easy a dishwasher ends up making my life, I just hope I never have to do without one ever again.

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