Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sometimes you have to give people the finger, or do you?

Well here we go again yet another posting about the issues of stupidity I face when ever I use accessible parking. Today I was parked in an accessible parking space which I am legally allowed to do with my parking permit. At the time I had my windows down and all of  a sudden a car passing behind me stopped. Next thing you know the driver starts yelling out do you have an accessible parking permit? At first I ignored them because I don't think stupid questions even deserve an answer. Then they yelled out another time so I gave them the finger, ok I really just gave them the thumbs up. This was to signify yes - I have an accessible parking permit. My response seemed to leave them confused so they asked again for the third time. Eventually they clued in and drove off and parked in another accessible parking space. 

Like many of you who may have faced this type of ignorance before I can no longer hold back when it comes to this kind of stupidity. You see these types of people see a young person and automatically assume that you can't possibly have a disability. The fact that they would even assume I would park illegally in an accessible parking space infuriates me. How nice of them to see me and automatically assume that I must be an inconsiderate jerk. To be honest there stupidity shocked me especially when I happened to be parked at a facility that police officer frequent on a regular basis. In fact at the time there were actually five police cars parked pretty much directly behind me. Each officer saw me parked there on their way into the building and they didn't say a word. Now I know what some of you might be thinking and no I wasn't at a doughnut shop. So after these people parked in another accessible space an older man exited the vehicle from the passenger side and walked briskly into building. So a few minutes later what do I see? A security guard walking towards my car, looking directly my way. I guess at one point he must have seen that I had a valid permit displayed so he quickly made his way back inside. It's obvious to me that the man who exited the car earlier must have complained. I have to tell you I am fed up with the stupidity of other accessible parking permit holders. The second some of them can't find an open space they seem to be surprised that their not the only one with some form of disability. Believe me there have been many times when I haven't been able to find a space and I dealt with it by parking somewhere else. Now sure when it comes to those in accessible vans that's not an option. But today that wasn't the case. They were driving a car just like me.

After today I think people like this need to understand that accessible parking permits don't give you the right to question and harass people who find accessible parking before you do. You have to understand there are only a limited number of spaces available. If you can't find one that is no one's problem but your own. In the end do us all a favor and mind your business and move along.

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