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Laps for Muscular Dystrophy was a huge success in 2014

Laps for Muscular Dystrophy 2014
Laps for Muscular Dystrophy is a new fundraising campaign in support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada that was created by the My Becker's Story blog. As many of you may already know I started sharing my story about living with Muscular Dystrophy almost 5 years ago. Along with living with BMD I am also a huge motorsports fan. I actually grew up around racing and I am thrilled to be able to combine my love for motorsports with raising awareness of Muscular Dystrophy. I truly believe that Laps for Muscular Dystrophy is a great opportunity for Canadian race car drivers and teams to join together to help make difference in the lives of those affected by Muscular Dystrophy. In 2014 Race drivers who joined in support of Laps 4 MD helped to raise funds by donate $1 from every lap they lead to Muscular Dystrophy Canada. It was amazing to have the support of some of Canada`s top race drivers and I am really excited about the future of Laps 4 MD. 

Shelby Mills
In 2014 Laps for Muscular Dystrophy was supported by Dirt Track racer Shelby Mills. Shelby Mills is 22 years old and her home track is Brighton Speedway located in Brighton Ontario, Canada. She was excited to have the opportunity to support Laps 4 MD during the 2014 race season and helped to raise $100 in support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada`s mission. She says; "As a nursing student, and now as a nurse I wanted to incorporate that part of me into my racing. Supporting Laps4MD allows me to continue to participate in the sport I love but also help people and raise awareness for a great cause."

Joey McColm
During the 2014 race season Laps for Muscular Dystrophy also welcomed well known race car driver Joey McColm as a supporter. Joey currently competes in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and is based out of Ajax, Ontario Canada. Joey McColm is pleased to be competing the in the #25 Canada’s Best Racing Team Dodge. He is also a top contender to win NASCAR Canadian Tire Series most popular driver. All year long during pre-race autograph sessions you could find Joey surrounded by a large crowd as he is truly a fan favorite. We are really looking forward to working with Joey yet again in 2015 as we have big plans in store. We thank Joey for all his support in 2014.
Ben Young
There is no doubt that in its first year Laps for Muscular Dystrophy has already been a huge success. Brad is happy to report that Laps 4 MD has done a lot to raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy amongst many race drivers. So much so that at the end of the 2014 race season added to more racer this included Canadian resident Ben Young, who competes in the British Superbike Championship with Team WD40 who supported Laps 4 MD in his last two races of the season. Ben says: “It’s an honour to help support Laps 4 MD and their efforts to help make a difference in the lives of over 50,000 Canadians affected by neuromuscular disorders.” In support of Ben's effort our friend over at Infinet MotorSports donated $25 to Muscular Dystrophy Canada. 

Matt Garwood
Near the end of the 2014 race season Laps 4 MD was happy to welcome Canadian race drivers Matt Garwood to the long list of those support Laps for Muscular Dystrophy. Matt Garwood currently competes in the Formula 1200 Series and in 2012 was also awarded Rookie of the Year. Brad is so excited to have Matt join in support of Laps 4 MD and is assured by Matt`s comment found below he is excited to be able to play a role in helping to improve the lives of over 50,000 Canadians affected by Muscular Dystrophy. Matt Garwood says; "It is an honour to support and represent Laps4MD throughout the conclusion of this year and in to the 2015 racing season. Laps4MD has been helping people with Muscular Dystrophy and I am thrilled to lend a hand"

As you can tell by the comments from the drivers who are already supporting Laps for Muscular Dystrophy the future seems bright for this new fundraising campaign in support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. We simply can’t wait till the start of the 2015 race season which is already shaping up to be even bigger and better.

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