Thursday, September 6, 2012

The challenges of moving into a new apartment

Moving boxes all ready to go
When it comes to moving I am sure we can all agree that for most of us it the last thing we want to do. There’s no doubt that having to pack up all your belongings to move is a time consuming task. The truth is that last thing I ever wanted to do was move from my current apartment building. The best thing about it was the fact that it was one of the friendliest buildings in town and even better it was fully accessible as well. As we all know when it comes to living with a physical disability finding the right place to live that suits your specific needs. Long story short we were living in a two bedroom apartment and our current landlord decided to refuse to let us move into a one bedroom apartment all in an effort to save a bit of money. The truth is I was very upset as I didn’t want to leave a building that suited my particular needs as an individual living with a disability. But dealing with a stubborn landlord we had no other option but to give our notice and look for a new place to live. So when we began our search we first started by looking at a building we once lived in the only problem was that I would have to climb stairs to access our apartment and this simply wouldn’t work. Eventually we ended up choosing a much older building which unfortunately is not set up to handle my future accessibility needs but we were running out of time and we needed a place to live. Now if there is anything I have learned throughout this whole experience it’s that sometimes change is unavoidable. And sometimes you just have to accept your situation and learn to adapt as it’s simply just a part of life. Sure sometimes you may want things to remain the same but in life things never seem to stay the same.
The one thing about moving is that most people don’t look forward to all the hard work that is involved -especially when it comes to the packing. If you can’t afford movers then that means you are usually the one’s stuck lifting and carrying all of the heavy boxes. Living with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy this means it is my job to pack all the boxes and thankfully my wife and friends help with all the heavy lifting. In the past though I have made the mistake of doing a few things I shouldn’t do. Such things as trying to lift something heavy or pushing myself so hard physically that I might end up risking a fall. Perfect example of this came when we finally received the keys to our new apartment a few days before the big move. You see moving into a new apartment usually means that there is a lot of cleaning and tidying up to do. This was our first task so when we entered our new place it was time of the big clean to begin. We started by cleaning the kitchen cupboards which involved me stepping up on a stool so that I could reach clean the top shelf. I was simply doing my best to help out and at one point went to step up on a stool when my leg gave out. This caused me to fall and when I fell I ended up smashing my chin off of the kitchen counter and while doing that my mouth closed so quickly that I bit down on my tongue causing it to bleed. Thankfully I was ok but I know it could have been much worse. Thankfully all that remained was a small bruised on the bottom of my chin. This acted as a major wake-up call letting me know that I was pushing myself beyond what my body could handle. It was at this point I stopped what I was doing and my wife and I called it a night. You see over the years I have come to terms with the way my condition affects my everyday life it’s just sometimes I make the mistake of pushing my body too far. The fact is I just wanted to assist my wife as she is already stuck doing a large part if the heavy lifting during the move. In the end I wound up paying for it. It’s the main reason why I didn’t want to move due to all the hard work and problems
 it can create.

Soon the day of our move was here and our first priority was to head on over to our local U-Haul dealer and rent a truck for the day. When we arrived we picked up the truck and things went very smoothly the only problem was the fact that I couldn’t climb up into the cab this meant that my wife would be the one driving the truck. I would be driving our car and be the one responsible for picking up a few of our friends who offered to help us out. I was very thankful to have the assistance from quite a few of my friends which really helped us out as we wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Since I was unable to help with any of the heavy lifting I was pretty much just a supervisor. My other job during the move was to load our car with all of the smaller items that I was able to carry on my own. It sure didn’t take long to load up our car my only thought was that we have way too much stuff as the car was completely full. Eventually the U-Haul truck was fully loaded and at that point we made the 5 minute drive over to our new place. Now even though our new place wasn't that far away we still had quite a bit of work to do. It's at this is the point when moving seems to become really challenging because once everything is moved inside and all the help you had is gone it’s now your job to put everything back together again. This is when it tends to get a little frustrating and tiring for most people especially for me since I am the one doing the majority of the un-packing. Thankfully it only took my wife and I just 4 days to complete and the only way I was able to get through it all was by staying up late and pushing myself to get it all done. It felt really good to finally have our new place feeling more like home. Sure when it comes down to it moving is never fun but at this point I am extremely thankful that it is over and done with and that for now life is somewhat back to normal. I just hope the next time we move it’s because we won the lottery and were moving into a fully accessible home.

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  1. I agree that probably most of us are not looking forward to packing our stuff when moving out. But one could have their friends’ help just like what you did. I’m glad you didn’t hurt badly when you fell off while cleaning the cupboards. Moving can be a strenuous activity. Just look forward to having a new environment; the hard work pays off once you’re settled in your new home.

    Max Champion

  2. I agree that moving can be quite a daunting task especially with a lot of stuff to pack; the incident that happened to you was very unfortunate. Are you okay now? While being a stressful event, it's also exhilarating to move into a new place. How's your apartment now? Did you change any aspect like the wall colors or tiles?

    Von Madison @Gold Team