Monday, July 23, 2012

Brad's Auto Reviews: Wheelchair Accessible Pick-Up Trucks

My aim through Brad's Auto Reviews is to bring you with car reviews from a different perspective. This week I believe that my most recent find will be of interest to more than a few reader's of the My Becker's Story blog. When it comes to vehicle accessibility some people might believe that their options are limited. Well just the other day I came across a company by the name Ride-Away which now offers you the choice of fully accessible pickup trucks. In the video found above Ride-Away took a Ford F-150 Harley Davidson edition and installed a Freedom Motors turning seat and retractable arm for picking up a wheelchair. This also includes an automated cargo bed topper which helps to protect your wheelchair in all weather conditions. A great option for anyone in the market
for an accessible pickup truck. 
Ride-Away - GoShichi Wheelchair accessible pickup
 Ride-Away also offers GoShichi Wheelchair accessible pickup trucks giving you even more options when it comes to your mobility. Being able to drive a pickup means more off-road capabilities and even a 4 wheel drive option. With the introduction of fully accessible pickup trucks you now have more options when it comes to your choice of vehicles that meet you particular needs.

For more information you can contact Ride-Away at 1-888-RIDEAWAY

Photos and video courtesy of Ride-Away

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  1. Hi Brad -- I had a Ryno conversion on a Nissan Titan and loved it -- when it worked. I think it was the 2nd they ever did and it was super cool but occasionally the actuators jammed the doors.

    Aside from the fun and attention, I usually had trouble getting into parking structures (scraped the roof more than once!) but in a rural setting it would be perfect!

  2. Ride-Away certainly did a great job with the Ford truck. The mechanism glides smoothly, and the truck basically has sufficient space for a wheel chair and lots of other stuff. Do they do vans as well, or are they just focused on trucks as of the moment?