Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Local church aims to become fully accessible

Let’s face it we live in a world that really isn’t all that accessible to those of us living with physical disabilities. Sure over the years there have been major improvements in the area of accessibility but the truth is there is still a lot more work to be done in this area. Many agree things need to change and recently here in Ontario our Government passed legislation which requires every building to be made fully accessible by the year 2025. This is a great move and sure this is a long ways away but this means right now that many companies and organizations are now facing some major decisions some are considering relocating others are looking into costly renovations. Along with many corporations churches are also facing major issues related to creating a place that is fully accessible to all its members. Some are in the process of making the appropriate changes others have no other choice but to constructing new buildings in order to comply with these new regulations.

Over the last few years due to the progression of my Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy I have had to make a few tough decisions due to in-accessibility one being less involved with my home church. The reason almost every program that takes place there happens in the basement and my issues revolve around my inability to use stairs - unfortunately the lack of an elevator has really limited my ability to socialize and participate in many church activities. I am sure you can understand I find this very frustrating since there’s really nothing I could do about it, eventually I stopped going to my home church since I felt like if I can’t join in every function what’s the point. Thinking about it the biggest part of the problem has to do with when this church was constructed it was the early 70’s a time when accessibility wasn’t even a concern and building codes at the time did even take into consideration the needs of those of us living with disabilities. But thankfully times have changed. This past weekend I learned that my frustrations with in-accessibility might soon be coming to an end you see my church recently announced that they plan to build a updated more accessible building which will include a new more accessible auditorium, lobby, library and support facility. Their main goal is to create a gathering place where people with physical limitations can access every part of the building allowing them to be involved in every aspect of church life. Being able to socialize with friends and be more involved is what accessibility is all about and once they are able to raise enough money and this building is completed my life an the life of others will improve immensely. This is why I really hope to see this vision fulfilled as it will remove many of the barriers I currently face. At this time King Street Church is currently in the process of raising funds to finance this project. Let's hope they raise enough money very soon as it will result in a new barrier free fully accessible building.

To learn more about this project please click on picture below

King Street Church
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