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Brad's Auto Reviews: 2011 Scion xB

Great vehicles for people with disabilities
2011 Scion xB

The other day I had the chance to test drive a 2011 Scion xB a vehicle that is bit larger than the smaller sized Scion xD that I drove earlier this year. My first impressions of the 2011 Scion xB were very positive ever since the first time seeing an xB on the road I have always viewed them as great looking vehicles. So you could understand I was excited about having the opportunity to test drive and xB for the purposes of reviewing it for the My Becker’s Story blog. As many of you already know I have a passion for all things automotive so having the chance to review yet another vehicle was very exciting for me so when I was handed the keys to a 2011 Scion xB I more than happy to take a closer look. Sitting behind the wheel of the xB the first thing that stood out was the very unique and original looking dash design which offers plenty of useable storage spaces built right into the dash along with the glove box you will have no problem finding a place to store the things you need on a daily basis. I particularly liked how the climate control dials are turned towards the driver which makes them fairly easy to use. Now I did find that the position of the stereo made it a bit of a reach to access the buttons but that problem is quickly solved thanks to very useful steering wheel mounted audio controls. The centre positioned instrument panel is very easy to view and features a digital speedometer along with the ever useful tachometer and it even includes Scions direct tire pressure monitoring system. I really believe Scion did a very good job of designing the interior of the xB from the dash to the very capable and impressive 6 speaker Pioneer sound system to the feel of the steering wheel in your hands Scion didn’t overlook anything when it came to interior design. And if you worried about the size of the xB you might be surprised to learn that with the rear seats folded flat there is plenty of usable cargo space.
The 2011 Scion xB I was driving featured the standard Chrome exhaust tip which helped to give the xB a very sporty exhaust note which made me feel like I was driving something with a lot more power. The 2011 Scion xB comes standard with a 4-Cylinder engine that produces 158 horsepower and the one I was driving was fitted with a 4-Speed Automatic transmission. Sure the Scion xB would not be considered as a sports car but driving the xB was a very enjoyable experience and I found the steering to be mildly sporty with a precise feel which made me very confident behind the wheel. But for those looking to improve the handling and performance of the Scion xB this can be done quite easily thanks to a wide variety of performance customization parts available through Toyota Racing and Development. These parts range from Toyota Racing Development Rear Sway Bars, Lowering springs, Sports exhaust, Performance Shocks and even few choices of TRD Alloy wheels. Even in its base form the Scion xB is a great car and I am very impressed by a Car company who allows its customers the option of taking a base model Scion and deciding how far they want to take it through the customization process. And the customization of your Scion doesn’t stop there you also have the option of upgrading to an Alpine Audio System that features three 2.4 volt RCA outputs allowing you the option of adding external amps and subwoofers which in the end for most will take up a lot of the useable space inside but if you love your music this might be an option you can’t live without.
Scion xB
With this being only the second Scion product I have ever driven my view point hasn’t really changed about the way I feel about the Scion brand I still really believe that they offer a great product to those looking for a fun to drive quality built vehicle. And sure other car companies may have been catching up but in my opinion you can’t go wrong buying a Scion I say this because ever since their introduction to the North American market Scions have been known for their quality. And what people with disabilities or mobility issues are looking for is a great quality vehicle that won’t leave them stranded on the side of the road. When it come to the Scion xB being a great vehicle for those with disabilities it really does excel in a few area’s including rear cargo room which goes a long way in helping those who require the use of small sized collapsible mobility scooter or walker. Now I have heard of a few products that are available that may fit in the rear of the xB that can be used to make loading smaller sized collapsible mobility scooters much easier. Now if you are in need of using full sized mobility devices then something like the 2011 Toyota Sienna would be much better since it can be easily converted to fit large scale mobility devices. But for people who need a vehicle that it easier to get in and out and that can fit a small mobility device the 2011 Scion xB would be a great choice. And I believe that one of the best features that come standard in the xB includes the pump up seats which is simply a handle you will find on the side of driver and front passenger seats that allows you to adjust the seat height to a level that works best for you. After driving the 2011 Scion xB I now believe that Scion not only appeal to the youth an young adult market but now it should also include those living with disabilities.

Accessibility rating 5/5

-Unique Exterior Styling
-Quality & Reliability
-Standard Safety Features
-Large amount of cargo room
-Ride height/seat position

A big thank you to Whitby Scion for allowing me to test drive the 2011 Scion xB for the purposes of my review.

Whitby Scion is located at:

1025 Dundas Street West, Whitby, Ontario L1P 1Z1


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  1. We had one of these cars in front of us Saturday just gone and it was quite appealing and it told us right away that it was a specially built for persons who had special needs just by the way it was specifically built and the room space in the back. And its especially nice to know that the Car Dealerships are aware of our special needs community also. And what a great car for the family unit.