Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't be so quick to write us off

When it comes to living with a disability the worst part for most is dealing with people who have no understanding of what you’re going through or how your disability affects your everyday life. Through out the years I have learned that many people treat those with disabilities as if they are lazy and some even act as if their making everything up. Some even think we should be written off simply because we were born with a disability. I've even heard stories about people with disabilities being viewed as lazy people who just don't want to work. Even worse I recently found out that some people feel it is ok to discourage a person from marrying someone with a disability simply because they may have issues providing a steady income. When I hear that people view those living with disabilities this way it’s very upsetting and it shocks me that some people in today’s society still think it’s ok to write some people off simply because they have a disability. I really believe that if people who live in Ontario or other Provinces or countries have issues with those living with a disability not receiving enough income support then they need to stand up for them and get more involved in encouraging their Governments to provide a decent amount of income support to those living with disabilities who are dependent on a programs like the Ontario Disability Supports Program. And I fully understand that people are not suppose to get rich off of the support provided through income support programs but I believe that they should at least be provided with enough income that allows them not to be overlooked when it comes to relationships. Even if they increased their income support just a little bit it would enable people with disabilities to be fully involved in marriage even when it comes to finances. So I say to those people who only view people with disabilities in a negative way to change your way of thinking people with disabilities should never be over looked or treated like lower class citizens. And if you truly believe that people who are dependent on programs like the Ontario Disability Supports Program are not receiving enough support then get involved in trying to convince your Province or Country to provide people with disabilities enough income support to survive so that they can be viewed as equals by everyone!

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