Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ideas for Raising Fund's & Awareness

In life many of us have dreams of doing certain things with our lives but the truth is most of us keep these dreams to ourselves knowing that many of them will never come true. Over the years I have had many dreams and you can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I come up with new idea almost every day. Now ever since becoming more involved in spreading awareness about Muscular Dystrophy most of my latest ideas happen to revolve around getting the word out there. My goal is to not only raise awareness about Becker’s but the many other forms of Muscular Dystrophy as well. I truly believe the best way for me to do this is to tell my personal story and help bring more attention to organization's that are doing great things for those affected by Neuromuscular disorders. Lately I am starting to believe that one of my biggest problems is the fact that I keep on coming up with new ideas all the time. Now like I said earlier many of us keep our dreams to ourselves thinking the possibility of these dreams ever coming true is highly unlikely. Well today I have chosen to share with you a few of my ideas to help raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy. Now I know some of these ideas may just remain a dream but I am hopeful that one of these ideas might see the light of day. So instead of keeping them hidden inside I have chosen to share them with you today.
Being a car guys many of my idea`s revolve around gaining support for the automotive community. The first idea I came up with is having a vehicle manufacturer provide us with a vehicle. This vehicle would then be professionally wrapped with Walk for Muscular Dystrophy Canada logos covering it promoting this amazing community event. Sure that may be a lot to ask but this is just one of my dreams. Another dream is to put on an annual charity car show that benefits other living with Muscular Dystrophy. Being a major car enthusiast that is something I would definitely want to be a part of. My last dream involves seeing the Laps for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign become a reality. The idea is to have race drivers and team sign up to donate just $1 per lap that happen to lead. I am still hope that I 2014 we might be able to partner with someone who is will to help us raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy amongst the racing community. I think it would be amazing if at least one team would support this idea and helps us race for a cure.
Laps for Muscular Dystrophy
 Other ideas revolve around holding charity poker events or even a concert featuring some of today’s major recording artist's. Now I know many of these dreams may never come true but it will never keep me from trying to help raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy. Now I know that not every fund raising event has to be huge as even smaller more intimate fund raisers go a long way in helping to raise awareness and funds. Currently the best way for anyone to get involved in fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy is to contact their local MD Charity. It could be Muscular Dystrophy Canada, the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the USA or even the Muscular Dystrophy in the UK. I am currently a volunteer with Muscular Dystrophy Canada and also help to promote my local Walk for MD. You could even plan your own fundraiser to help raise awareness. Sure you may also have your own dreams of helping to raise awareness just don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Like me I would suggest you never give up after all eventually some dreams do come true. Who knows some of my ideas might actually see the light of day and if they do you will be the first ones to know.

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