Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brad's Auto Reviews: 2011 Toyota Sienna

Great vehicles for those with disabilities
2011 Toyota Sienna
When it comes to great vehicles for those with disabilities many of us would agree that a minivan like the 2011 Toyota Sienna would be a great choice. It was in late 2010 when Toyota released the completely redesigned 2011 Toyota Sienna and like me many people were very impressed by the new exterior styling. The first time I saw the 2011 Sienna I couldn't believe how good looking of a minivan it was sure the Mazda 5 comes very close but when I saw the SE version of the 2011 Sienna I was amazed. How could a minivan look this good, when I was growing up most minivans could only be described as dull and boring so most of you won’t be surprised when I say that growing up the last thing I ever wanted to own was a minivan but after seeing to 2011 Toyota Sienna SE I actually now wish I was driving one.
Toyota Sienna - interior
The completely redesigned 2011 Toyota Sienna now features smoother lines a standard 6-Speed Automatic Transmission and a long list of new features including All Wheel Drive and even Toyota's key less Smart Key System and the Limited version of the 2011 Sienna comes standard with push-button start. When I was behind the wheel of the 2011 Toyota Sienna I was very impressed steering was very smooth which ends up reducing the amount of effort needed to maneuver the fairly large sized Sienna. Along with plenty of room inside everything in the interior is well laid out and the steering wheel mounted controls allow the driver to complete simple tasks with ease. One of the best features available in the 2011 Sienna that anyone with a disability will find very useful is the back-up camera which now comes with a 180ยบ panoramic view. Other features include Toyota's subscription-based Safety Connect service which provides customers with Roadside Assistance, Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location along with Emergency Assistance available by the push of a Button a great service for anyone living with a disability. But what really impressed me the most about the 2011 Toyota Sienna is that when Toyota redesigned the Sienna that they took the time to think about the needs of people with disabilities and made it fully customizable so it could be made accessible for anyone who requires the use of a wheel chair or a mobility scooter. Another great feature is the option to have a Bruno Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat installed which goes a long way in making it much easier for anyone mobility issues to get in and out of the Sienna. In my opinion when it comes to great vehicles for those with disabilities I really believe that the 2011 Toyota Sienna should be at the top of every ones list. 

2011 Toyota Sienna Mobility Conversion

For more info on Toyota's Mobility Program click on the picture below:

Accessibility rating 5/5
-Exterior Styling
-Quality & Reliability
-Standard Safety Features
-Panorama Backup Camera
-Toyota Mobility Program
A big thank you to Whitby Toyota for allowing me to test drive the 2011 Sienna for the purposes of my review.
Whitby Toyota is located at:
1025 Dundas Street West, Whitby, Ontario L1P 1Z1

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