Saturday, August 7, 2010

A fully accessible Kitchen sure would make a difference

These days I am starting to wish my kitchen was just a little bit more user friendly. You see living with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy it can be quite a challenge at times especially when it comes to accessibility. Lately this has become a major issue due to my inability to bend down it can be hard getting items out of the fridge or from the lower cupboards. Believe me my wife fully understands a few of my difficulties since I am constantly asking for her help in the kitchen. I really wish my kitchen was a bit more accessible that way I could be more involved in prepping and cooking a meal. The only good thing that my kitchen has going for it right now is the fact that it has a dishwasher, I really don't know how anyone could live without one. The main issue has to do with my current fridge and stove which aren't set up to handle my specific needs so both are in need of an upgrade.

LG Wall Oven
One of my biggest problems right now is when I am cooking something that needs to be placed in the oven. Add in a heavy casserole dish and near impossible for me to place it in the oven. You see my arms are weaker than most people so carrying anything too heavy can be a challenge for me. So it is really becoming a painful task when ever I have to deal with any heavy casserole dishes and it is especially difficult when cooking something on the pampered chef stoneware. When it comes down to it what frustrates me the most is always having to ask for help when getting things out of the oven. What I really wish I had was one of those wall ovens then this really wouldn't be a problem at all. For those of us living with physical limitations an oven that is set at our level would be much better. Having an oven that is level with the counter would help really make my kitchen much more accessible. If it was possible to have my kitchen set up this way I would definitely be able to use it a lot more.   

LG Side-by-Side fridge
Lately I have also been wishing that I had a new fridge, maybe one of those side-by-side fridges would be better. This would allow me to place the things I need on specific shelves so I can reach them. But currently all I have is one of those top freezer fridges and whenever I need to get something from the bottom shelf it becomes a real challenge to do it without falling over. So most times I just take a chair from the kitchen table and sit on it to get what I need out of the fridge. To me these side-by-side fridges are a much better design especially for anyone living with a physical disability. I know that I would truly benefit from owning one, but again like the wall ovens I already mentioned they are also very expensive. Some days I wish it was easier to win the lottery, that way if I won then I would be able to afford all the particular appliances I need to make my life a lot easier. This way I would have everything I need to make it through the day without always needing assistance. My real dream is to one day be able to own a home and have it built in a way that it would be fully accessible to me. A bungalow with no stairs and a kitchen set up to suit my specific needs including raised outlets and an accessible bathroom with a walk-in shower. One can dream but that facts are I really need a new kitchen. 

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  1. Wall ovens are great but they take up extra space and the cost is twice what it is for a range , if those two aren't factors most people would put them in , I sure would cha ching