Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Lack of Consideration still a Major Obstacle in the Winter Time

As you can see from the picture above there is currently no shortage of snow in my community. This has only helped to highlight the frustrations many of us with disabilities have when it comes to those who refuse to properly clear snow and ice from their properties. It’s as if some in our communities simply don’t know what to do with all the white stuff that mysteriously falls from the skies during the winter time. After all, anyone living in an area known to get its fair share of snow during the winter time should know exactly what to do whenever it arrives. Unfortunately, some tend to neglect simply techniques for removing snow and ice from their properties. All too often the simple and important task of using salt in winter to eliminate the formation of ice simply goes ignored. This ends up creating a major obstacle for many but especially for those living with a physical disability. Over the last few years it has become increasingly frustrating for many of us, especially when a large majority of properties in our communities remain neglected during a time of year when property maintenance is so very important in allowing many of us to get around safely.

Recently, I was running a few errands and had to drop something off at a local government office - one which works specifically with clients who have physical disabilities. To my surprise when I arrived I noticed that their accessible parking spaces had not been properly cleared resulting in them being covered in ice. Not a good mix for anyone walking with a disability to be able to use these spaces safely. At first, I still decided to park their but as I tried to exit my car and my foot slipped I had no other choice but to retreat to my vehicle in order to avoid any possibility of suffering a nasty slip and fall. This is when I made the decision to move my vehicle to a safer place which meant parking my vehicle partially on the plazas walkway - the only place that had been properly maintained along with being fully salted. (As seen in the picture below)
The main thing that really frustrates me about this whole situation is that this could have been avoided if this plaza made an effort to properly maintain their accessible parking spaces as well. In the end when it comes to winter property maintenance everyone must start taking into consideration the needs of everyone including those of us living with physical disabilities. 

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