Monday, May 15, 2017

Why mini-vans are still a good choice for many with disabilities

2018 Honda Odyssey
Being a car enthusiast, it is a well-known fact that many within the industry especially car reviewers don’t particularly share a love for the mini-van. Some would like you to believe that SUV’s with a third row is all you really need. But in many cases, the third row in SUV’s provide very little room for adults and even kids to sit comfortably. In my opinion mini-vans are still the best choice when it comes to practicality and cargo space. Plus, many modern day mini-vans simply look amazing - for example the 2018 Honda Odyssey pictured above is a very stylish choice.
Sliding doors are more user friendly
As person living with a physical disability these types of vehicles can end up being the best choice especially for wheel chair users. After all, when many with disabilities think of accessible vehicles the mini-van is the first vehicle that comes to mind. While their are many options out there these vans are still a great choice especially for those who are not yet in need of a vehicle that offers wheel chair accessibility. Now thankfully there are devices available that can be installed into most mini-vans that can assist with the lifting of a small sized wheel chair if needed.
2018 Honda Odyssey - Interior
Currently I do drive an SUV but know that 10 years down the road I may need to consider a mini-van and when that time comes I will be excited to own a vehicle that suits my needs. As of today, I believe that mini-vans will always remain popular especially with those who don’t like the confined spaces that some SUV’s provide. Thankfully there are still those of us who prefer cargo space and practicality.

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