Friday, November 18, 2016

New small sized accessible parking spaces make no sense!

These new small sized accessible parking spaces are popping up all over the province of Ontario in Canada. They are the same size as non-accessible spaces which makes no sense at all! Making them pretty much useless for me & others with disabilities who desperately need the extra space that accessible parking is supposed to provide. This area allows many of us who don't drive accessible vans the ability to open our car doors all the way enabling us to get out of our vehicles safely. In my opinion these new small spaces need to go. The picture above was taken at Landmark Cinemas in Whitby, Ontario. Now maybe they are not to blame but if the city approves of these small spaces they need to rethink things and clue in to the fact that accessible parking is not just about getting a close parking spot. I guess they just don't understand that even those who don't use wheel chairs need the extra space accessible parking was originally designed to provide. On this night, I am just lucky that the person in the car in the accessible space next to mine didn't park as close as he could have or I may not have been able to get back into my vehicle. At this point I just don't understand the thinking behind offering new and very small accessible parking spaces.

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