Monday, November 30, 2015

My Becker's Story attends a Toronto Marlies Hockey Game

Toronto Marlies - Ricoh Coliseum
Over the weekend my wife and I attended a hockey game featuring the Toronto Marlies against the Saint John's Ice Caps. I was a little reluctant to go as accessibility was a concern. As many sports arenas only have a limited number of accessible seats available. The drive in wasn't too bad and when we arrived an paid for parking we were lucky to get the last accessible parking space that was available. So this was a great start to our day as this space was located directly across from the entrance to the arena. Resulting in only a short walk, something I was very thankful for. We then made our way to ticket windows inside to claim our complementary tickets. They kindly sent us to the fan zone where we had to line up to be given our free tickets. 

Then we waited in line for a few minutes, when we reached the front of the line I asked the two gentlemen handing out tickets if we could have accessible seating. At first they responded like a deer caught in headlights, like this was a question they had never been asked before. I am sure this is a question they rarely hear. They informed that the tickets they were handing out were not accessible. At this point in time they suggested we go back to the ticket window to purchase accessible seating. This concerned me as with them being complementary tickets I still wanted the tickets for free. When we arrived at the ticket window for the second time the young lady we were speaking seemed as if she didn't know what to do. Thankfully after she spoke with a few of her colleagues she was able to issue us free accessible seating.        
Accessible Seating at the Toronto Marlies game Ricoh Coliseum
The staff at Ricoh Coliseum where the Toronto Marlies play were very nice when we went through with out tickets. It took sometime to find our seats but thankfully the staff led us to the elevators. I have to say the accessible seating area offers a great view of the rink. To be honest every seat at Ricoh Coliseum provides fans with the perfect view. The seats were very comfortable offering great support and plenty of leg room. The biggest issue I have with regular arena seating is the limited space you have. Being able to sit in accessible seating really makes the difference for me. As many of living with Muscular Dystrophy who are still walking know we need all the room we can get when it comes time for us to get up. My suggestion to anyone who may need accessible seating to any event is to call ahead to reserve your seats. This will help to ensure you don't run into any problems. In the end I am so thankful that the staff at Ricoh Coliseum were able to help us out. After all its a great place to spend your time especially if you are a hockey fan. Unfortunately on this day the Toronto Marlies lost as the Saint John's Ice Caps won the game 5 -1. It is truly too bad the home team lost but I am sure they'll be back to there winning ways very soon.

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