Monday, August 17, 2015

Vehicle Accessibility: Why planning ahead is always best

Vans are always a great option when considering your future needs.
When it comes to vehicle accessibility I know first hand how important it is to plan ahead. As your future needs change owning a vehicle that suits your current and future needs is always best. Unfortunately in my case I actually didn't follow my own advice. In life we all make mistakes but one good thing about it is that others can learn from them. Well not so good for the person who made the mistake but others can avoid going down the same road. It was almost 2 years ago when my wife and I had to replace a vehicle that was having more than a few issues. So we went out and bought a new car that over the last few years has become increasingly difficult for me to get in and out of. At the time other vehicles that would suit my needs were simply out of our price range. So the mistake I made was thinking that a small little car would work. Now it's a great little car, I just wish it sat up just a little bit higher. As that would go a long way solving the issues I am currently facing.

 You see in recent years due to the progression of my Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy, my leg muscles have grown weaker resulting in making it harder for me to get up from a low seated position. I guess being a blogger who shares my story of living with physical limitation I should have known better. But like they say no one is perfect. Even more embarrassing is being a car guy I should have known that a small car that sits pretty low to the ground would eventually cause me some difficulty. Thankfully my arms are still strong enough to offer me some assistance when exiting my car, but I know I would really benefit from driving an SUV or even a mini-van. Both offer a raised ride height resulting in making it much easier for occupants to enter and exit the vehicle. Another plus is their capability of transporting walkers and wheelchairs.

Unfortunately due to their popularity SUV's and vans usually cost more to purchase then compact cars. We all know our budgets dictate what we can afford and for many of us vehicles that are set up to handle our specific needs can simply be out of reach. Sometimes the option of buying a much older vehicle that suits your needs can be risky. I have made that mistake in the past and it wasn't fun being stuck with many unwanted repair bills. That's what led to the purchase of my current small car. In the end my advice for anyone with a physical disability that happens to get progressively worse over time, is to plan ahead. If possible look into purchasing a vehicle that is set up to handle your future needs that way when the time comes you are fully prepared. 

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