Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sometimes you have to get out there and enjoy the day!

When it comes to living with Muscular Dystrophy I have to admit that at times I am a little reluctant to go outside and enjoy the day. If it involves walking I am little hesitant at times. You see I often make the mistake of over thinking things, becoming overly concerned with what might happen. So much so that at times I avoid going out to enjoy the day. In the summer time the weather can have a huge impact on us physically, especially if you are still walking. The heat and humidity can wear us out pretty fast. When I was much younger it really wasn't much of an issue. That is why during the summer months now I tend to wait till much cooler days arrive. Now I do still face a few challenges while walking as a simple crack in the sidewalk can end up causing me to fall. That is why when I am walking I tend to keep my head down looking out for anything that might trip me up. Some have suggested that I should start using a cane but at this point it would only get in the way. Also if I am going to fall nothing will stop it from happening anyways. Some may believe it's time for me to get a mobility scooter, though it would make life easier I simply wouldn't have anywhere to store it. The main issue is that I live in a 100 year old apartment building that isn't accessible at all. At this point in my progression I am just very thankful that I still have the ability to walk. I just have to be careful whenever walking is involved. 

Thankfully today I woke up to a beautiful summer day with a cool breeze making it a very comfortable outside. So today my wife and I decided to visit a local historical site known as Parkwood Estates. It is the former home of Samuel McLaughlin who help to form General Motors Canada. It has also been used in many TV shows and movies. It is a beautiful estate featuring many gardens and pathways that lead to the water fountains also found on the property. Today as we arrived at Parkwood Estates around noon the skies cleared and the sun began to shine. Making for a great day to walk the grounds. After a little stroll around the gardens we found a bench we could sit on to take a bit of a break. Something that is a great thing to do if you are still walking and having Muscular Dystrophy. In the past I have made the mistake of pushing myself too far physically and paid for it with a fall. Over the years I have learned to take things easy and at my own pace which really helps. Thankfully on this day I was able to take it easy, but I have to be honest I will be spending the remainder of the day resting. Even though it was a short walk today I aim to take it easy to avoid tomorrow becoming a weak day. On this occasion I made sure to take a few pictures to make the effort I put forward today worth it. I really hope you enjoy a few of the photos found within this blog posting. In the end I am glad I had a chance to get out there and enjoy a part of this summer day. 

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