Friday, July 24, 2015

Wheelchair-accessible Ford Explorer by BraunAbility

The BraunAbility MXV Ford Explorer
Today BraunAbility introduced an all-new wheelchair-accessible vehicle based on 2016 Ford Explorer named "The BraunAbility MXV™" Within the mobility industry BraunAbility is often referred to as the world leader in mobility vehicles. With today's announcement they sure take a major step forward with the introduction of the first ever wheelchair-accessible SUV. As a individual with physical limitations I am very impressed with what they have done here. The Ford Explorer is the perfect choice as the look of the vehicle barely changes even with all the modification required to make it wheelchair-accessible. The ride highlight pretty much remains the same giving the Explorer the same rugged look we are all use to. The most impressive feature found on the BraunAbility MXV is the patented sliding-door with removable driver and passenger seats, and a powered, lighted in-floor ramp. The side entry ramp also goes a long way in insuring the safety of vehicle occupants. They also claim that the interior space of the vehicle is maximized to create ample room for wheelchair navigation and comfort. With the BraunAbility MXV™ being the company’s first-ever volume production SUV offering it is sure to be a major success within the mobility community. Best of all wheelchair users will also be able to drive the vehicle from a wheelchair, or ride as a passenger. After all many wheelchair users still have the ability to drive, so now it seems like the BraunAbility MXV™ is the perfect choice. 

Key Feature Include:

54-inch door height
28-inch ramp width
Sliding shifter for increased space
Space-saving front seat base design
Integrated key fob that operates both door and ramp
Transfer seat capable

The BraunAbility MXV with its patented sliding door
On behalf of all of us with Mobility issue's and those who require the use of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, I have to thank  BraunAbility and the Ford Motor Company for bringing to market the first-ever volume production wheelchair-accessible SUV.

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