Monday, June 8, 2015

Brad's Auto Review: The 2015 Honda Fit & HR-V

2015 Honda Fit
When it comes to vehicles that are great for the aging or those with physical disabilities, thankfully these days their seems to be many great options. One of the most impressive vehicles over the last few years happens to be the Honda Fit. Now even though it is a much smaller car it actually offers many great features. The first thing I noticed is that it seems to sit just a little bit higher then most little compact cars. After sitting behind the wheel of the Honda Fit I noticed it offered a a really great feature that make it a great car for someone with mobility issues. Many might not know this but some people who use manual wheelchairs actually still drive cars. Many us wheelchairs that come apart easily so they can place it in behind the front passenger seat. One of the best features found in the Honda Fit is the front passenger seat which flips forward, making it easier for those who use manual wheelchair to access the area behind the front passenger seat. A real plus for anyone looking for a car that suits the needs of a manual wheel chair user who still drives.

2016 Honda HR-V
Recently Honda introduced the 2016 HR-V which is based on the Fit's platform. This means the all new HR-V also offers many of the same feature as the Fit, a real plus for those who prefer the ride height of an SUV. One of the best features offered in the Honda Fit and now the Honda HR-V is the 60/40 Split 2nd-Row Magic Seat. Now like most vehicles the rear flip forward to provide you with enough room when transporting much larger items. But where they really stand out and when the magic happens is when the flipped up and out of the way. When this is done it ends up providing you a great space to transport a wheelchair or even a small sized mobility scooter. A great standard feature for those who may need to place either mobility aid behind the front seats.

Honda's 60/40 Split 2ns-Row Magic Seat

Other great features offered in the Honda Fit & HR-V

Multi-Angle Rear View Camera
Lane Watch Blind Spot Display
Available Paddle Shifters
Proximity Key Entry System with Push Button Start
Heated Front Seats
Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control

As you can see both the Honda Fit and HR-V have a lot to offer. Plus you really can't beat Honda quality, so if your looking at purchasing a vehicle that suits your need the HR-V and Fit are great vehicles to consider. 

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