Monday, May 4, 2015

The most important appliance for those with disabilities

Portable Dishwasher
One often over looked appliance that can really make a major difference for someone living with a physical disability is a dishwasher. I know this first hand as I have been living without one for quite a while now. Unfortunately about 2 years ago our small portable dishwasher broke and due to its age couldn't be fixed. Ever since I have been washing dishes by hand which due to the physical strain it put on my muscles this simple task leaves my arms in pain. The fact is that when living with Muscular Dystrophy if we over use our muscles we can end up damaging them. The main thing this end up doing is causing our muscles to waste away at a quicker pace. With all the pain I was feeling in my arms we made the decision to purchase a brand new portable dishwasher. Sadly things did not go as planned.

     When it comes to any purchase budget determines what we can afford, so my wife an I decided to buy a Danby brand portable dishwasher. We were a little hesitant due to it being a bargain brand appliance but I could simply no longer go on washing dishes by hand. We saved about $200 compared to quality brand appliances so it seemed like a great deal. Unfortunately buying a Danby ended up being a major mistake. Now for a short while I reaped the benefits of having a dishwasher as the pains in my hands and arms went away. But like they say good things don't last forever and I guess that's a fact when anyone buys a Danby portable dishwasher. Shockingly after 3 short month after one wash I come to find a huge puddle of water on the floor underneath our dishwasher. maybe it is true that you get what you pay for, this may be true of Danby brand appliances.

This meant I was back to washing dishes for a few weeks as the store we bought it from was going to send someone out to repair it. After this a week goes by with no repair, apparently it was going to take Danby a month to send out a new pump to complete the repair. At this point we decided to just return the dishwasher as no quality product should break after just 3 months of use. So after we returned it this meant it was back to washing dishes by hand. It really amazes me how expensive portable dishwasher are especially if you want quality. A new one from Sears can cost up to $800. So now I have to make due and it's back to washing dishes by hand. It makes me wish that dishwashers were considered a necessity for those with disabilities. But in many people eye's they simply were created to make life easier for those who don't enjoy washing dishes by hand. Now I am sure many with physical disabilities who have a dishwasher can admit they could never live with out one. I guess my mistake was purchasing a Danby as it only last 3 months. At this time it will be a long while before we can afford to buy another new portable dishwasher. So I guess I will have to make due and just accept the fact that the pain of washing dishes by hand is my only option.

 Now I have thought of switching to paper plates, plastic disposable cups & even plastic cutlery, but that's just not good for the environment. In life they say you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone and the pain in my arms and hands helps to remind me how much I miss having a dishwasher. I am sure if you have a dishwasher you really appreciate how easy it ends up making your life. My only suggestion is to never buy a Danby!

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