Monday, February 23, 2015

A few companies that appear to be leaving People with disabilities out of Advertising Campaigns

It seems to me that a few of the companies listed below might be leaving people with disabilities out of their current Advertising Campaigns - What do you think?

Lately it has been a very popular practice for advertisers to produce TV ad's that include every one from every walk of life. While other groups are seeing huge support by advertisers many are still missing the mark and actually failing those with disabilities. Sure other companies are doing a great job of including people with disabilities in their ads, but still there are a few who simply need to do better.

Yes it's great to include any group of people in advertising but to exclude people with disabilities is a major fail. I have to ask if the companies listed below are truly inclusive then why don't we see more people with visible in disabilities included in their advertising? It first started with IKEA who released a TV commercial last year featuring many groups of different people but not one shot featuring someone with a disability. There was also a TV ad from Tassimo which aimed to send the message that their product is for everyone, yet again not one person with a visible disability was included in their campaign. Next up we have Cheerio's who released TV ads featuring a wide range of people except those with living with disabilities. Now we can even throw in Tide and more recently Facebook into the group of companies failing to include customers with disabilities in their advertising. Over the last month or so Facebook has been trying very hard to send the message that their service is for everyone, yet again we don't see one person with a disability in their most recent TV. Let's be honest many advertisers and companies are still failing those with disabilities by not including us. While others embrace us it seems as if some like to act as if we don't even exist. Unfortunately from what I have seen lately many of the companies listed above have not included us in their advertising. Maybe it is time for us to send a message to these companies and their advertising agency's? The message that it is time for your companies to include actors and individuals with disabilities in your advertising campaigns! 

So come on IKEA, Tassimo, Cheerio's, Tide and Facebook we challenge you to start including people with disabilities in your advertising campaigns!

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