Thursday, November 14, 2013

A look at Mills Motors all-new fully accessible 5 Star Mega Lot
Mills 5 Star Mega Lot - Oshawa, Ontario
When it comes to my local community I am always keeping an eye out for businesses that go out of their way to accommodate people with disabilities. When it comes to some businesses, sadly they tend to ignore or completely forget about the need for accessibility. Currently many local business owners are working to improve accessibility and recently Mills Motors here in Oshawa has stepped up to the task with their all new Mills 5 Star Mega Lot. Their new building features a ramp entrance to their sales office which will go a long way in assisting customers who may need to bypass the stairs. Living with Muscular Dystrophy myself I am impressed that Mills Motors took the time to consider the needs of all their customers ahead of time.
Accessible Ramp - Mills 5 Star Mega Lot
Recently my wife and I were in the market for a newer car and we were thankful to find a pre-owned lot that offers a wide variety of vehicles. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of vehicle brands on their lot as well. This was really helpful in assisting me in finding a vehicle that suits my specific needs. Over the last few years, due to the progression of Muscular Dystrophy, I face a few challenges related to getting up from a low seated position. This has created a few issues related to getting up and out of my current car. This means that my wife and I were looking at small sized SUV’s and even a few mini-vans. When we arrived at Mills Motors new 5 Star Mega Lot I was even surprised at the wide variety of different vehicles including cars, trucks and SUV's.

Thankfully they had many vehicles within our price range which was great. I was very happy that their staff was friendly and did their best to match us up with the perfect vehicle. We met with Jackie Watling, a long-time employee of Mills and now one of their pre-owned vehicle sales consultants. There are few things better than meeting sales consultants who actually care about the customer’s needs and not just in getting another sale. It’s also nice to meet a sales consultant who actually knows a lot about the cars that they are selling, which coming from a service advisor background, Jackie certainly did. Having purchased a few cars over the last few years I have dealt with car dealers who try their best to hide a vehicles history from prospective buyers. So I was also impressed with the fact our sales consultant let us know that Mills Motors offers a Car Proof report with every previously own vehicle they happen to sell. Even better while we were there they took the time to appraise our trade in and surprisingly they were willing to give us fair price for our current vehicle. 

This is the first time I didn’t feel stressed being at a car dealership since they actually helped to explain everything to us including our financing options. This is great especially for those who may be trying to rebuild their credit. I must admit in the past I made the mistake of believing that large car dealerships charge more for their previously owned cars but I found out that Mills Motors sells their vehicles at a fair price. It really seems as if Mills Motors is setting a new standard when it comes to selling used cars in Oshawa.

So, after test driving a few vehicles we haven’t purchased a newer vehicle just yet, but plan to return to the new Mills 5 Star Mega Lot when we are ready. The one thing that impressed me the most was the fact that Jackie took the time to understand my needs related to living with Muscular Dystrophy. Best of all she assured me that when I find the perfect vehicle that suits my specific needs that she can help to get it in stock for me. This goes a long way in especially when it comes to customer service which seems to be a priority at Mills Motors. This gives me hope that one day I will find the right vehicle that suits my specific needs.

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