Thursday, September 5, 2013

Living with Muscular Dystrophy: The joys of the winter season

Well it's that time of year yet again and that means winter is on its way. What a joy for so many but a nightmare for others and I know some people fully understand what I am talking about. Winter is the time of year when many of us wished we lived somewhere warmer maybe in Florida or even Hawaii - two places where winter really isn’t an issue for any one. Now that the summer is over and the arrival of winter is fast approaching it's best to be prepared for the changing season. It’s a time of the year when winter weather conditions add some unique challenges for those living with physical disabilities. It's back to simple things like walking down the street or through a parking lot to get to your car becoming a daunting task. I am sure that many of you already know that deep snow, slush and ice are not a good mix for anyone living with physical limitations. Then you add in home owners and businesses that are reluctant to clean their properties and it's simply better for us to just stay inside. That's why so many of us try our best to work from our homes. 
On Vacation in middle of winter - this is more like it.
Sometimes I wish I could move somewhere warmer to avoid all the issues I face in the winter time. I know that’s not possible for many of us but there are something’s we can do to take away some of the stress we face in the winter. The first one being if you’re going to live in an apartment building make sure you try and find one with underground parking that way you will never have to scrape your car off or dig yourself out of a snow bank in the winter. Second if you own a home see if your city offers a service during the winter months where they will come and clear your driveway and walkways for you. Each year as the winter approaches I always regret living in a building without underground parking. Unfortunately many buildings in my area only provide this type of parking at seniors only buildings. That’s why like many people I hope to one day win a little bit of money in the lottery so I could just build myself a fully accessible home with a garage. Anyone who is able to park their vehicle in a garage during the winter season knows the benefits that come along with not having to scrape your car off in the morning. Like many people who have to park outside during this time of year we all hate having to clean our car off on a frigid winter morning. Then as you finish only to have a snow plow come by and pile a big snow bank at the end of your driveway or parking lot. Oh the joys of the winter season.
A home like this with a garage would be great for the winter season
 I am sure many home owners who have physical limitations love the freedom their garage gives them during the winter time. I truly hope to one day be in their shoes as well but for now I will just deal with my situation as best as I can. And I am sure winter is a pain for all of us - so let’s just hope winter never arrives.

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