Thursday, April 19, 2012

The odds of winning the lottery are extremely low!

Local lottery known as 649 from
We all know that when it comes to playing the lottery that the odds are against us but many of us ignore this fact since a major win would change our lives. Living with a disability I know it would change mine. Its common sense that when it comes to playing the lottery the odds are stacked against us, I guess that’s why we are all encouraged to play for fun and not to win as it's not a good way to make money. But I really think that concept is laughable since many of the commercials I see these days promote playing the lottery to win. I think the only people who are able to play for fun are seniors who have access to endless amounts of money or those who are already wealthy. Truth is many of us who are what I like to call financially challenged play the lottery with the hopes of winning. They say play for fun well I'd like to know who plays the lottery to lose?

When it comes to the lottery for many of us our dream is to just win enough money to purchase a home, buy a new car and pay off any of the debt we may have. I guess that’s why these big lottery corporations enjoy dangling massive amounts of money in front of us encouraging a large majority of us to play. The ones I feel bad for are those who place way too much hope in playing these lotteries when the odds of winning are so low. Like so many of us I even ignore these odds and play the lottery hoping it will somehow allow my dream of owning a fully accessible home to come true. But after about 18 years of playing and no major jackpot wins I’m starting to think this will only remain a dream. Like many I can admit that at times I tend to place too much hope in the lottery and for me every time I lose it’s a major disappointment.
Local accessible home
It might even surprise you but I don’t want to be a millionaire I just want to win enough money to be able to purchase an accessible home and like many people anywhere from $100,000 - $300,000 would be enough to change our lives forever. But the likelihood of this ever happening is extremely low. That’s why I want to encourage those who play the lottery to make sure they stay with-in a budget knowing that it doesn’t matter how many tickets you buy the odds will always be stacked against you. And sure one day you might just win, but you always want to be careful with the amount of money you spend on the lottery and in Casino’s and never placing too much hope in winning the lottery.

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