Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brad's Auto Reviews: 2012 Buick Verano

2012 Buick Verano
This week we take a break from focusing on great vehicles for people with disabilities to take a look at the all-new Buick Verano. Just last week I was chosen to participate in the “Buick Challenge” thanks to a Mills Motors in Oshawa, Ontario. They are currently running this promotion to help change people’s perception that Buick is just a car brand dedicated to those eligible for seniors discounts. When you think about Buick the truth is the last time they appealed to a younger audience was back when they were making the now legendary Buick Grand National. Now over 20 years later Buick is making an attempt to again attract younger buyers and they have actually been somewhat successful at it with the introduction of the all-new Buick Regal GS. Their latest step in the right direction has to be the 2012 Buick Verano an entry level sedan from GM which actually looks quite impressive. So you can understand why I was excited to have the opportunity thanks to Mills Motors to see just how far Buick has come over the last few years.
Buick Verano
When you look at the exterior of the Buick Verano you notice right away that it takes on what is now Buicks signature look. I actually believe that Buick did a great job of creating what could be considered as a great looking vehicle. The front end design though it resembles the LaCrosse in a few ways actually suits the Verano very well. I also believe that the front grille really helps to make it look like a much more expensive car. When it comes to its side profile it looks a little sporty this is mainly accomplished by its smooth design which is only enhanced by some really good looking optional 18” aluminum wheels. When you make your way to the rear of the Verano the first thing you notice is the rear tail lights which feature a chrome accent which really help it to stand out in the crowd. In earlier reviews of the Verano a few have been a little harsh concerning its rear tail light design but it really doesn’t look that bad. When you make your way to the interior of the 2012 Buick Verano this is where it really excels. The dash design and layout is almost perfect and the fit and finish surprised me it really looks like GM has turned things around when it comes to interior design. When it comes to the Buick Verano you can’t help but be impressed that GM is now starting to use higher quality materials in their vehicles.
Buick Verano - interior
A great feature found in the Buick Verano is the IntelliLink touch screen infotainment system which I found very easy to use. It gives you access to many useful features such as Bluetooth, Navigation and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. I found the steering wheel mounted controls like in many vehicles these days very useful. I really enjoyed the option of using simple voice commands to place phone calls and select radio stations it sure helps to make life a lot easier when behind the wheel. I was also very impressed with the Audio System which was designed by Bose they really did a great job of creating a system that all music lovers will enjoy. When it comes to the Buick Verano’s interior it could be described a very modern, the front seats were comfortable and provided great support during longer drives. I also felt very confident behind the wheel and was surprised with how well the Buick Verano handled the corners. I really wasn’t expecting this at all but I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. I found that the Verano’s 180 horsepower 2.4L Ecotec 4-Cylinder Engine provided me with great fuel economy and is well suited for city and highway driving. 

So after taking part in “Buick Challenge” I’d have to say my perception of Buick has changed. I too used to think that Buick's only appealed to older generations but now with the introduction of the 2012 Buick Verano I see that they are now more than capable of attracting younger buyers. In the past I had given up on the Buick as a car brand but after driving the 2012 Buick Verano I now believe they are finally starting to take the competition seriously. In my opinion if you are in the market for an entry level luxury car you might just want to take a look at the 2012 Buick Verano.

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