Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This tool will change your life!

  I recent years due to the progression of muscular dystrophy I have been facing a few challenges - one issue is having trouble bending down to pick things up. Just a few months ago I started using this amazing tool which I found at my local dollar store. This is a very helpful pick-up/reaching aid that will change your life. Owning one of these has made my life alot easier especially on those days when it feels like all I do is drop things. Now there are two different types of pick-up/reaching aids to choose from and I suggest purchasing the one pictured in this blog post.
This one features and easy to use handle and an amazing pick up mechanism which is designed to allow you to grab a hold of anything you are trying to pick up or reach. You can purchase one of these from your local pharmacy or from your local dollar store. My suggestion is to go out and buy one of these today. I can tell you from my own experience I know what a difference this device makes.


  1. You have to thank the person who came up with that because it life a lot easier, especially when you have to grab something important. I hope your optimism won't diminish! Keep strong!

  2. I have BMD and pick sticks at home and work and use them daily!

    Michael in Toronto

  3. I have been using one of these devices for around 10 years and would not be without it. So useful especially when there is nobody around to pick up items from the floor for you.