Thursday, December 1, 2011

A look at the progression of Dan’s mobility

When it comes to being diagnosed with any type of life altering condition it can be difficult but the truth is there are many people living with physical disabilities who remain positive an actually enjoy life. Sure there are a few issues we can face while living with a disability but I still know many people who are very happy and like having a good time. Some even keep a great sense of humor about things and they don’t allow their situation to get in their way of living life. A few are even happily married with children of their own and I am sure I could find many people who use power wheel chairs that will tell you they enjoy life it’s just they do things a little differently. Like anything in life you learn to adapt to your situation and many people who use power wheel chairs are successful at this. But I also understand that it can be difficult at times dealing with a physical disability that gets progressively worse and that it must be a big step for anyone having to transition from walking to using a wheel chair for the first time. So today on the My Becker’s Story blog I wanted to share with you a blog post written by Dan for the Life with Muscular Dystrophy blog entitled: “The evolution of my mobility”

Here's a unique look at the progression of Dan’s mobility in his own words:

A few weeks back I was rolling to my favorite coffee spot and hit a long stretch of sidewalk. Along this stretch I encountered what was essentially the progression of my mobility, all lined up in a row.

The first guy I passed was a slow and funky walker. It looked like each precarious step would be the last before he’d fall on his face. I remember those days.

The next guy I passed was using a cane. Although he looked slightly more nimble than the last guy, the cane seemed to be working really hard.

In front of him several yards was a homeless man pushing himself in a wheelchair, one foot dragging (or helping…I wasn’t sure). He was struggling a bit on this very flat surface. It reminded me of the day or two I spent trying to push myself around in a clunky manual chair.

Once I realized my arms were not strong enough to push my body around in a manual chair I went through a period of having someone push me around. Believe it or not, the next person I passed was an old lady being pushed, it appeared by her daughter, in a manual wheelchair.

As I breezed past all of these people in my power chair, I realized how valuable it is for me to be able to have the mobility I have now. Part of me wishes I had started using electric mobility sooner, but the other part of me knows that without the struggles of the transition, I might not appreciate what I have now.

Thank you Dan for allowing me to share this post with the readers of the My Becker's Story blog! If you would like to visit the Life with Muscular Dystrophy blog please (Click here)

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