Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to promote your blog

Since the start of the My Becker’s Story blog I have met a large amount of people who have expressed a lot of interest in starting up a blog of their own. A few months ago I complete the post entitled “Starting your own blog” providing you with a few suggestions on how to choose the right name and how to create a blog page that is visually appealing. Today I would like to share with you my latest post entitled “How to promote your blog” where I take a look at a few of the ways you can grow and maintain a successful blog.

When it comes to blogging it’s honestly a time consuming activity and if you are dedicated and willing put in the time you will be successful at leading people to your blog page. When I first started the My Becker’s Story blog for the first few months no one was visiting my page, to me it was a massive failure and at that time I chose to delete the My Becker’s Story page and gave up on blogging all together. Over the next few months I did a little bit of research on what it takes to run a successful blog page and through it all no matter what resource I was reading promotion was always at the top of the list. So I once again decided to create the My Becker’s Story blog but this time I was going to promote my page and do what it takes to make it successful.

My Becker's Story on Facebook
Facebook and why it is so important to the success of any blog

When I started the My Becker's Story blog the first thing I had to do is reach out to my target audience which happened to be people like me who are living with Muscular Dystrophy. From the start having a Facebook group page has been a vital part of running my blog as it has become the largest source of total views the My Becker’s Story blog receives. The most amazing thing about Facebook is that it allows you to connect with people from all over the world allowing you to reach a wide range of people. Along with using a Facebook page to promote your blog posts you will want to find other pages similar to yours to post on. Once you start looking you might be surprised at how many pages you find when I did my search I was amazed at how many pages I found dedicated to Muscular Dystrophy. Facebook allows you to meet so many people and if you have great quality content you will have little to no trouble finding support for what you are doing. Thanks to Facebook over the last few months I have met and formed relationships with many great people who have the same goal as me to raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy. So you can see once you have created your blog page the next step is to create Facebook page to connect with your target audience, but be patient sometime it will take a while for your Facebook page to grow.

My Becker's Story on Twitter
Using Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites to promote your blog

To Twitter or not to Twitter? That is the Question. To be honest twitter is very useful tool since it is a great way to connect with a wider range of people. The way it works you simply follow someone and most times they follow you as well that means all of their followers will see who they follow which will help lead a few more viewers your way. It’s also a great way to keep followers of your blog who use Twitter up to date with your latest posts. Now the best way to gain followers is to follow many people along with organizations who share your same interests this way some people may re-tweet your latest post helping you gain even more viewers. When it comes to the My Becker’s Story Twitter page it has really help me gain more viewers and it has even helped me meet and connect with many different people from around the world. Another great way to promote your blog is to open your own YouTube account and post short videos promoting your blog and blog postings. In recent months I have seen a major jump in views of certain posts which I have created YouTube videos for so if you have the time and are willing to learn how to make videos for YouTube you will see results. One of the best ways to promote your blog is to use sites such and Zimbio. The site I have been most impressed with is since it is very easy to use - all you have to do is copy and paste the web address of your blog post then complete a short review then it is added to their site it’s that simple. Next is Zimbio which is another easy service to use maybe the easiest especially if you link your blog page to your account then all you have to do is choose from a list of all your posts and pick the one’s you want to add and that’s it. Sites like these do go a long way in increasing readership of your blog so if you have the time adding content to these sites might just be worth it.

Advertising on your blog: A look at Google AdSense & Amazon Associates

Now once you have been successful at creating and promoting your blog the next thing you may be tempted to do is place advertising on your blog page. Currently the most popular programs are Google AdSense & Amazon Associates. Both make unproven claims that they have the ability to make you money. First let’s take a look at Google AdSense this is a program that I have used in the past and just recently ended up removing from my blog page due to disappointing results. You see Google AdSense basis you revenue on add clicks and after you have reached $100 worth of ad clicks Google will then send you a check for $100. This program is only successful if people click on the ads Google places on your blog page ads.  The facts are many people are very hesitant these days to click on ad and some people don’t like seeing advertising on blog pages at all. In my experience Google Ad Sense and Amazon Associates are both just a waste of time. When it comes to my thoughts on Amazon Associates you pretty much are working for Amazon pushing products on your blog readers which doesn’t always go over that well with people who visit your blog page. Sure there are ways to make money blogging but it isn't easy.

Blog are a great way to get your content out there

Now there are other ways of making money from your blog when it comes to blogging the truth is many people who have them are freelance journalist who use blogging as a way to get their content out there. The main reason I started the My Becker’s Story blog was due to the fact that I couldn’t find any publishers interesting in publishing any of my articles. The facts are I haven't made any money from the My Becker's Story blog just yet but when opportunities present them self like they did when it came to writing the article for it helps me raise more awareness about Muscular Dystrophy and it also helps me as I pursue a career as a freelance journalist. All I can say is when it comes to blogging do it because you love it not to make money - in reality rarely do blog pages ever become so successful that they create a second income for you.

A look at blog page donate buttons

The next thing you may be tempted to do is add a Donate button to your blog and I am sure like me you have heard stories about people raising a lot of money this way. I really believe the days of making big money from running a blog might just be over - these days people have limited incomes and donating to your blog might even upset some people. Sure you are providing people with a lot of great info but that doesn’t mean your blog readers are willing to donate their hard earned money to help you pay your bills. Asking for donations is a tricky thing to do and sure some people are successful at it but the truth is most people are only willing to donate to reputable organizations. These days people want to know where their money is going and with all the scams that have popped up in recent years you can understand why Donate buttons don’t really work anymore.

In the end I really hope a few the suggestions found here in this blog post go a long way in helping you when it comes time to create your own blog. Good luck!

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