Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Starting your own blog

Since the start of the My Becker’s Story blog I have met a large amount of people who have expressed a lot of interest in starting up a blog of their own. So today’s post entitled “Starting a blog” is just part one of two posts looking into exactly what it might take for you to start up your very own blog.

When it comes to starting a blog the first thing you will need to do is create a name for your blog that will be easy for all your readers to remember. In any business as with any blog the name is very important since it can be a major force in helping readers understand what your blog is all about. And finding the right name might just be the hardest part of starting up your own blog. I feel like I was very lucky to come up with the name My Becker’s Story since I believe it does a great job of sending the message of what my blog is all about which is what it is like living with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy. After coming up with the name for my blog the next thing I had to do was starts looking into blog hosting services find the one I want to use and then reserve a webpage address under the name of My Becker’s Story. Now since I was new to the whole blogging craze I really didn’t know where to start I had already heard of Word Press and Blogger but had no idea which one would best suit my needs. Being a bit of a perfectionist I needed a service that offered easy to use functionality which would allow me to create a visually appealing blog space that I could be happy with. The type of person I am I wanted my blog to look very professional and if I wasn’t able to do this I probably wouldn’t have gone forward with creating my blog. After a bit of research I decided to go with since it allowed me to be the most creative. With my decision made I was already to begin I was able to secure my-beckers-story.blogspot so now it was time for me to start putting together my very first blog.

So at this point if you’re starting your own blog and you have already chosen a name and have reserved a blogspot webpage then you’re all ready to go. What the next step well the first thing you may want to do is get to work on writing your very first blog post. This being your first post you will want to introduce people to what your blog is all about and this is best done by describing the purpose and the main reasons why you have decided to start your very own blog. Include a short bio about your life and what you plan to accomplish with your blog you pretty much want to tell them who you are what you are about and why you’re starting a blog. Once you have completed writing your very first blog post before you post it you will want to then create a look for your blog that is attractive since it will help to gain you more repeat viewers. Now you could always just keep your blog very simple but if it doesn’t look professional it may suffer from low readership. The main reason many people have what some would call a boring looking blog page is due to the fact that most people believe it simply too hard to create an attractive page. Sure it is great to have quality written material on your blog but it is really pretty simple to take your blog for boring to amazing. The next thing you will want to do is get yourself a Photobucket account which is a service that allows you to upload pictures that can be edited in many different ways, you can resize your photos, add effects, boarders and even text. The other thing you may want to do is chose a background for you blog title, when it comes to the My Becker’s Story blog I simply just took a light blue background I found online cropped it and added a border around it then chose the font I wanted to use and added the title My Becker’s Story to it. It was that simple within a few minutes I had created a background and a title that looked a hundred times better than a plain old looking text title at the top of the page.

Now when it comes to blog posting I was given some very useful advice I was told that blogs without any pictures tend to look a little boring and un-interesting and that it is best to include pictures on your blog. In the beginning my blog was all text no pictures looking back now it must have been one very dull looking blog page. The first I started to do to dress up my blog page was to make the side tabs look a bit more appealing by creating side tab pictures that had a similar look to the title of my blog. I used the side tabs of my blog to display a short description of what my blog was all about and I also included small sized 220X200 pictures that contained the title of a few key blog posts I wanted visitors to read. I also added these same pictures to the top of each blog post right under each title to help give them a little bit more life. Now at first I was reluctant to add any pictures of myself this mainly because posting pictures on the internet was something new to me. These days many people tell you to protect your privacy but if you want to start a blog about your life you may want to include at least one picture of yourself. If you look at my blog now you can see I like to include pictures in my blog posts since I believe it makes things look so much better. So if you feel comfortable enough adding pictures of yourself to your blog do it because it allows your readers to get to know you a bit better. It is also a great idea to add pictures related to the subject matter you are addressing. For example when I was writing the story about accessible parking spaces I went out and took pictures of everything related to accessible parking. This took the post to the next level making the story more interesting since each picture helped me tell the story.

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