Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facebook the good, the bad and the totally annoying!

The Good:

When it comes to Facebook you have two groups of people those who love it and those who simply hate it all together. I have always had a love hate relationship with Facebook and have even cancelled my account more than a few times. But with the creation of the My Becker’s Story blog having a Facebook account has become very important since Facebook has become the largest source of total views this blog receives. So you can see having a Facebook account is very important to the success of this and any other blog. These days it is important for many groups to have a Facebook page of their own and if you have a small business a Facebook page is a great place to connect with your customers. Other groups that really benefits from having a Facebook page is Charities like Muscular Dystrophy Canada it just another tool that they can use to help promote all the great work they are doing to help Canadians living with Muscular Dystrophy. Right now I am a fan of many other Facebook group pages and now believe that it is a great place to meet and connect with many different kinds of people. Now I don’t need to go on and on telling you that Facebook has many benefits I already know that most people already agree that it might just be the best place to stay connected with your family and friends. Facebook is also a great place for people to let their friends find out exactly what they are into including their likes including favourite products, activities, their beliefs and pretty much everything about their day to day lives. Even many businesses and corporations have become very familiar with the positive effects of having Facebook page. In just the last few years many businesses have embraced the fact that having a Facebook page is a great way to grow their business. And amazingly enough many companies don’t even have to do a thing since most times their Facebook fans are the ones doing the most in helping to push their products. For them it's a win-win situation.

The Bad:

These days the main objective of most companies is to gain access to all your personal information this happens whenever you want to take part in a Facebook based contest and you’ve seen it before many applications on Facebook ask you to grant them access to pretty much all of your personal information including your friends list. And once you’ve joined in one of their contests the aim is to get you to “Like” their contest page or one of their products simply to gain a spot on your wall.

The totally Annoying:

And this might just be the most annoying part of having a Facebook account since most contests result in you needing to beg your friends for votes or “Likes” in order to win. These days this is what every business is after since every “Like” gains them access to many different peoples walls and that’s good for business since their main goal is to advertise to you and your friends in hopes one of you will go out and buy that certain product. I have made the mistake of entering a few Facebook based contests which in the end I feel may have ended up annoying some of my friends since I continually kept asking for their support to help me try and win a contest that was based strictly on the amount of “Likes” my entry received. Begging for votes or “likes” on Facebook will more than likely result in some of your friends hiding or blocking any notifications of your future wall posts. In the last few days I have actually considered refraining from entering any more Facebook based contest since a large amount of them are strictly based on the number of “likes” or votes you receive. Really what's the point of entering a contest where only the most popular person with the most friends or family members has the best chance of winning?

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  1. I don't know why so many people argue that facebook is bad because everyone is using it now. It's very popular and convenient. I love using facebook to communicate with my friends.