Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The importance of Staying Active!

As you grow older with Becker`s Muscular Dystrophy you learn pretty quick that there are certain things you need to do to in order to help you maintain good energy levels. These are things that we need to do that will help us make it through the day with out facing any major issues associated with the Becker`s.

The first thing I learned really quick was that sleep is one of the most important things in our lives that helps us maintain muscle strength and give us the ability to live a somewhat normal life. Sure there will be issues we will face, but when it comes to sleep it does go a long way in helped us rejuvenate our muscles after we have pushed our selves too hard. And I have done this a few times, for me it was when I was much younger in those times when I pushed myself simply so I could just keep up with other kids my age. Over the years I have noticed that when I have pushed my self too far that the risk of falling increases, and that it usually take about 2-3 days of rest and good night sleeps to fully recover. So please take sleeping very seriously since in the end you will benefit from it.

Another area in which we can benefit from is exercise, sure it will have to be done at our own pace but when it comes down to it this can help us maintain our muscle strength simply by keeping them active. Think about it when ever you hear professional fitness instructors talk about exercise they always suggest that before a person starts to work out that they should perform a few simple stretches to help avoid injury. This is pretty much what we would be doing, exercising our muscles and keeping them active in order to help us prevent issues that can result from lack of use.

Simply we need to keep active, we need to go on walks, even if they are short one's, as long as you keep moving it will help you maintain healthy heart function, along with many other benefits that come from even a little exercise. I usually have to keep reminding myself of this fact as well, sometime I need to push myself to get up and go for a walk. For me I have found that my local shopping mall makes a great place to go for a walk, since malls usually only have flat surfaces for you to walk on. The whole thing is to find what works for you, and please don`t worry about how much you can or can`t do, just know even a little exercises will do your body good. The main thing is to just keep active, only do what you can, and try and maintain a healthy weight through healthy eating. Just do your best to stay active and you will truly benefit from it.

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