Friday, August 6, 2010

Brad's Auto Reviews: 2010 Mazda 5

Great vehicles for people with disabilities
2010 Mazda 5
Currently the Mazda 5 is a one of a kind vehicle in North America, a rare find since most car companies no longer sell mini vans. And sure some might just call it a small sized mini van but it's much more than that. This is pretty much a sports car with mini van like qualities when it comes to cargo space and versatility.

No other vehicle on the market right now in North America can truly beat the Mazda 5 when it comes to being a great vehicle for those with disabilities. Most already know that Mazda has a real winner on it's hands here and I've spoken to those who own them and they agree this is the coolest mini van ever created. And the nicest fact about the Mazda 5 is that it is a great vehicle for those of us with disabilities, with plenty of room to for a mobility scooter or wheelchair. Another great thing about the Mazda 5 is it's ride height, this makes it an easy vehicle to get in and out of not just for those of us with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy but for those with other disabilities who struggle getting up from a low seated position.

I have to say the Mazda 5 excels in all area's in being a great vehicle for those of us with disabilities. Mazda did a good job in putting together a vehicle that offers sports car handling and great looks. To me the Mazda 5 will continue to be a front runner when it comes to being a good vehicle for all to drive.
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