Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brad's Auto Reviews: 2011 Honda Fit

Great vehicles for people with disabilities
Honda Fit
The other day I started to think that there's not many cars out there that really fit the needs of those with disabilities, sure there's many vans and SUV's that do the job just fine, but what about cars?

The other day I came across a car that most would never considered as even an option when trying to find a vehicle which would be suitable for a person with a disability. So I stopped in at the local Honda dealership and came across the 2010 Honda Fit. It sits a lot higher then most little compact cars, when I got inside I noticed the Fit had a lot of really great features that make it a great car for someone with mobility issues. First off I found the car very easy to get in and out of, plus one of the best features in the Honda Fit would be the rear seats. You see in the Honda Fit like most vehicle in it's class, the rear seats flip forward to help in time's when you may need to transport a large item, but what shocked me the most about the Fit is the other thing you can do with the rear seats, you see where the rear passengers sit that part of the seat can be flipped up to give you a great space to possibly put small size mobility scooter. Sure some would say it's not perfect as you will need someone assistance putting it into the Fit but it's a great car.

Some of the really cool features of the 2011 Honda Fit is it's standard features such as standard front, side, and roof-mounted side curtain airbags and ABS, this makes the Fit a great option when considering safety when buying a vehicle. Another interesting fact about the Fit is it's 5 speed automatic transmission which is a rarity in it class. Sure the look of the Fit in it's base form may not be that impressive but the sport edition with it's factory rims and ground effects would be the one that I would choose. But like any vehicle out there you could take the base model Honda Fit, get some after market rims and have it tinted and there you go your own little tuner car. You can't beat Honda quality so if your looking at purchasing a new or used vehicle's and if your looking for a great compact car that would suits the needs of those with disabilities consider the 2007-2011 Honda Fit.

Accessibility rating 5/5

-Ride height/seat position
-Cargo Room
-Unique rear seat fold up/down feature
-Standard saftey equipment
-5-Speed Automatic

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  1. I wonder what other car companies have to offer that suit the needs of those with disabilities?

  2. Very unique take on this review!